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You will be surprised how many of your favourite UK products for the bathroom you can actually find in Hong Kong.

After being back in Hong Kong for a very long time I have searched far and wide for those products that I miss from the UK and have put together this article to help those that are looking too.

1) The Body Shop - They have been around a long time in Hong Kong and you can find their stores all over the city. Still some of the nicest smelling products for the bathroom can be found here and they have a membership app you can sign up for to get certain deals.

2) SH Supplies - This small store has just a few outlets around Hong Kong, but does have quite a wide variety of UK products. They have everything from Aquafresh toothpaste to Lynx shower products. Do have a good look around when you are in there store as there is quite a lot to see. They also have a membership, which give you some deals. I have been to three locations and find this store my favourite - Shop G16, Wing Tak Building, 15 Canal Road West, Wan Chai (Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit A).

3) U select - This place stocks products under the Tesco brand and in the bathroom section you can find Tesco branded shampoos to mouthwash. The selection is not much, but nice that you can get them in Hong Kong.

4) Marks & Spencer - A well established and known store also found all over Hong Kong has a selection of bathroom products too.

We will update this article as soon as we find more locations and do let us know if you have found any.

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