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Summertime calls for exercising, dieting, and all sorts of weird ways to get in shape again for bikini season. We tried the slimming machines a while back, but this time we’re recommending something on the other side of the scale. Read on for this all-natural and effective remedy to all your summer bod’ concerns!

Step 1: Exfoliate

A lot of times we tend to just pile on the products, but forget to fully exfoliate – which itself can already solve a lot of problems. Not only does this body scrub eliminate acne and inflammation by deep cleansing in a non-harmful manner, but the combo of natural salts provides a lifting and wakening affect. The mango butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils will keep your skin soft and smelling good after the scrub, prepping it for the next steps.

Step 2: Moisturize

Switch out your usual body butter with this one. Apart from keeping your skin supple and moisturized, their formula with Dermochlorella (a micro-algae proven to improve skin tone and firmess!) and seaweed works hard and fast to firm up your skin with just two applications per day.

Step 3: An Extra Boost

Need some extra help with those cellulite? This lighter toner serum, with the same seaweed, algae and marine formula, will give your wobbly bits that extra boost to perfection.


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Step 4: Something For the Girls

Don’t forget the girls! Made especially for the chest area, this firming serum not only keeps your chest area lifted and firm, the special addition of Fermiskin (a mushroom extract) will also help improve elasticity, making the skin supple and smooth.


You may have heard of COWSHED from their recent collaboration with Aberdeen Street Social (spot their products in the bathrooms!), but they’re actually a lot more than just a spa brand. Perfect for junk season, their Slender Cow collection is a handful of staple products you need to stock up for your bathroom.

Apart from the Slender Cow collection, COWSHED also has several other collections like the Horny Cow, the Gorgeous Cow or the Moody Cow, with products that’ll not only sooth your skin but also calm your mood and make your home feel like an actual spa. All of their products are made in England, with only organic and 100% natural ingredients and absolutely NO nasty chemicals or animal testing

Here’s the Deal…

Exclusively available at the Four Seasons Spa Hong Kong, Purchase any COWSHED 300ml product and receive one-week supply of Invigorating Bath & Shower Gel for free (while stock lasts).

For more information about COWSHED, check out their website or ring Four Seasons Spa directly at +852 3196 8900.