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H&M Launches Beauty Range in Hong Kong

I know most people like their brandname makeup products, and I'm no different. But when fast fashion brands (read: Topshop) launches a makeup line, I'm always the first in-line to try these affordable products that are hopefully going to be as good as their apparels. H&M just announced their new beauty range, and their packaging alone already has me convinced! Read on for prices, colours and all the info.

Beauty Beta: I Tried the 10-minute Facial Everyone's Raving About

Facial treatments in Hong Kong are a dime a dozen. You can get your dose from the big chains, the independent salons, or even home-run beauty parlors by beauticians who got out of the system and started their own gigs. Functions and ingredients would probably make any ordinary person dizzy, but this one we tried was something completely different. Read on about our curious experience below!

Top 4 Nail Salons for All Budgets in Hong Kong

It's impossible to go a couple of days in Hong Kong without shaking hands with someone; business happens at the speed of sound and in a city of six million, you're always meeting somebody new. A good manicure and some conversation-starting nail art always makes a good impression, plus there's just something so indulgent about getting your tips and toes done. Here are the best places around the +852 to get your own wearable masterpieces and nail that inevitable Instagram picture, no matter your budget.

Top 3 Semi-Permanent Makeup You Should Try

Who doesn’t want to wake up picture perfect and ready for the day? For starters, you can sleep in for at least 15 more minutes if you can skip the whole makeup routine. Well, #IWokeUpLikeThis doesn’t have to just be a queen Bey song, now you can have it all with semi-permanent makeup too. Read on for our writer Elky’s top picks!

Beauty Beta: 4 Cushion Compacts We Tried and Loved

You know the trend of cushion foundations is getting big when it spreads from Korea to western big beauty brands like YSL, Givenchy, Dior, Bobbi Brown and Lancôme. But which actually works? Read up on the ones our writer Elky tried, tested and loved!

Giveaway: BloomMe presents Girls Night Out

Pampering can get a bit expensive in this city, and all the hassle with booking and google-mapping obscure buildings just to score a deal sometimes makes us question the whole process. But now there's a chance to get a makeover for free with a drink in hand! Thanks to BloomMe, you're invited to a Girls Night Out. Enter for tickets below!


Urbay Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection

From the company that launched the legendary Naked series eyeshadow palettes comes a brand new collection, this time a collaboration with singer Gwen Stefani. Check out just how B-A-N-A-N-A-S the products are!

Beauty Beta: Xtreme Lashes Hong Kong

Ladies of Hong Kong should be no stranger to eyelash extensions. The art of gluing bunches or individual hairs to your lashes may seem like a scary torturing technique, but the results speak for themselves. This  trick is so loved for many reasons, and the biggest one is that you can pretty much ditch make-up for good on the daily. Check out how the latest spot in town fared.

wcity's Guide to Asian Beauty Routine on a Budget

America and Europe have jumped on the Asian beauty hype train and if you're not on board yet, Hong Kong's the best city to get started. The biggest difference between Asian and Western beauty regimens is that Asia focuses on skincare before make-up. With as many as twelve steps to an Asian skincare routine, the products can stack up and mean hell for your wallet - so here's a beginner's guide to budget-friendly beauty.

Fall Nails: We're Going Matte

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip to the nail salon? We're coveting matte and solid hues that are great for everyday, yet still has that little something special.

10 Websites to Shop From in Hong Kong (with Free Shipping!)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of adding a bunch of items to the shopping bag and then not checking out. Designer items aside, there actually are a lot of websites that ship FREE* to Hong Kong, and stocks a bunch of wallet-friendly and quality items. Here’s our top 10!

14 Apps You Can't Live Without in Hong Kong

There are reasons why we can't live without our phones nowadays, and one of them is those handy lil' apps. You now can rely on them to do almost everything - from booking a restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking your next flight, to looking for that special someone - anything is possible. We've handpicked some of the apps we can't live without, and soon you won't be able to either!

Get Your Tan On: Indoor Tanning options in Hong Kong

It's getting a little bit too chilly for junk trips and beach tanning sessions... But worry not, there are plenty of alternatives in Hong Kong when it comes to keeping up the healthy glow. Here's all you need to know about the fix - whether it's spray tan or sun beds, we've got it all in one place. You're welcome.

Where to Get Marble Design on Everything

Isn’t life just marbleous? If you look around your room and find a lot of marble everywhere – then you’re probably a marble addict just like we are. We all know you can literally get everything on Taobao, but you can't just settle with bad quality products and dodgy chargers or blurred prints. That's why we've done the research so you don't have to... Here's where you can get the best of marble everything.

Urban Decay Releases VICE4

It feels like it's been a lifetime since Urban decay released their last palette. They are finally answering all their fans prayers with VICE4 landing in Hong Kong, their latest eye shadow palettes with 20 new and vivid colours. Read on and know more about the brand's latest addition!