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4 Best Lipsticks for Chinese New Year

Christian Louboutin

We’ve all got to look our best for Chinese New Year. Trouble is, no look is complete without the perfect lip shade. To save you the hassle, compiled below are the most anticipated tints that have just surfaced in Hong Kong. Featured here are our favourites from Christian Louboutin, Estée Lauder, Shu Uemura, and 3CE. Choose your own, or better yet, treat yourself and get them all! 

Get the Perfect Smile With Smile Center

An attractive bright smile can have a far greater effect on your life than you might realise. When people are confident about the way their teeth look, they are more apt to flash their smile and attract social attention. Recent research shows that whiter teeth can be a key factor in successfully getting a new job or a first date, as it makes you look more successful, employable, attractive and even five years younger. This obviously leads to a significantly positive effect on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s White Truffle Season, And Now Your Hair Can Look Like a Million Bucks With White Truffle Shampoo

Autumn means it’s truffle season, and you’ll have been noticing chefs everywhere putting these expensive, fragrant “diamonds of the kitchen,” in their seasonal menus. The people who love white truffle, love it a lot—and if your taste buds can indulge in this luxury, why not your hair?

REVIEW: The Elephant, Lee Tung Avenue's Newest Hair Salon

Living in a busy and air-polluted city such as Hong Kong, booking monthly facials at your favorite spa for a skin detox might already be common practice. But can you say you do the same for your hair? Regular deep cleansing can heal your deepest hair woes: unclogging pores blocked by grease, dirt and other impurities, and repairing hair follicles for greater shine and less frizz. And in Hong Kong’s humidity? Man do we know about frizz. We headed to Lee Tung Avenue’s recently opened hair salon, The Elephant, to find out how its signature scalp treatments can help us clear out the guck from everyday city-living, and achieve naturally healthy, glossy locks.

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