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We always get excited when we hear from The Lion Rock Press each year about their new ideas and festive gifts.

From cards to toys, they really do come up with some fun and meaningful products, where a lot of them are inspired by everything we see and do in Hong Kong.

Some of our latest favourites include:

  • Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo (HK$280) – Something fun to play with the family and also learn more about the diverse wildlife that Hong Kong has!
  • Hong Kong push wooden toys (HK$100) that also goes really well with build-your-own-track washi tape (HK$150) for children to lay down tracks / roads that can be used to drive the wooden toys around on the floor.
  • The Christmas Decorations (Sets: HK$350 & single decorations: HK$100-120) are really something unique with their Hong Kong touch clearly visible on each of them from a Hong Kong tram to an egg waffle!


We could be here all day talking about their items! If there is something you like you can find their products on www.thelionrockpress.com as well as at selected retailers including all Bookazine stores.

Also the The Lion Rock Press will also be at the following fairs if you would like to meet them in person and explore the great selection of gifts.

  • 7th November AWA Fair at PMQ
  • 8th & 9th November St John’s Cathedral Charity Christmas Card & Handicraft Fair
  • 12th November Conrad Fair

For more information about The Lion Rock Press (Hong Kong) visit: