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In the blink of an eye, this is already the tenth edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Located in Conrad Hong Kong, the exhibition invites over 80 galleries from around the world to display their art collection within the hotel rooms spanning over three floors, creating this innovative art-viewing experience. It could be overwhelming surrounded by so many beautiful artworks, so here are five artists that you should keep in mind as you explore around.

Shipmates by Shen Jingdong, Beijing Central Art Gallery, China.

Shen Jingdong, China--Room 4307
It's hard to miss the porcelain-like figures that stand out from Shen Jingdong's paintings. Following the new trend of anti-Social Realism after the Cold War, you might be able to pick out various iconic people related to the history of China in some of his works. But do not be deceived by these comical cartoony faces, just look closer and you'll decipher the undertones of a more solemn back story.


Umbrellas under the Windows by Du Haijun, Nancy's Gallery.

Du Haijun, China--Room 4220
We Hong Kong viewers will be familiar with the scene portrayed in Du Haijun's art. Using the more traditional media of oil paint, the artist portrays the densely populated modern Chinese cities. Peer into the many meticulously drawn windows, and savour the individuality of different households that live within these rooms, some with their inhabitants doing their chores, others messy and empty, and others completely obscured by the duvet they hung out their windows to air.


Like by Pawel Kuczyn, Wellington Gallery, Taiwan.

Pawel Kuczynski, Poland (Wellington Gallery, Taiwan)--Room 4222
The striking imagery and unusual combination of various elements in Pawel Kuczynski's works will definitely make you pause and look again. You'll find familiar icons and modern-day technology in some of his works, and objects related to war and politics in others. Each and every one these paintings will make you pause and ponder the message behind.


Bussouge by Souske Onoike, Souske Art Projects.

Souske Onoike, Japan --Room 4123
Beauty practically flows out of Souske Onoike's paintings. With techniques and materials used in Bijin-ga--paintings of beautiful women back in the Edo period, the artist creates a collection of artworks of angelic girls in the traditional kimono, successfully reinventing the classic beauty for the wider universal audience. Marvel at the merging of the historical and the modern, and how the two together inspire these alluring pieces of art.


The Sinner by Fawwaz Sukri, Nadine Fine Art, Malaysia.

Fawwaz Sukri--Room 4018
Fawwaz Sukri's pop art style will definitely bring to mind the art found within comic books. The artist makes the best use of collages, juxtaposing them to form a bigger picture that delivers a deeper message. One of his favourite themes is the gender issues within present day society. Through the light-hearted style reminiscent of comics, Sukri twists darker tragic ideas into the comedic, thus creating these astounding paintings.

Art is first and foremost a means of expression. Through the meticulous brush strokes and witty collages, these artists invite us to see the world in brand new perspectives with their masterpieces. These five artists are but the tip of the iceberg within many showcased in the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Drop by Conrad Hong Kong from 18th March to 20th March 2017 and see for yourself!


General Admission
Saturday, March 18, 12nn – 9pm
Sunday, March 19, 12nn – 8pm
Monday, March 20, 12nn – 6pm

Admission tickets will go on sale two months prior to the event
HK$220 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door)
Free admission for children under 16yrs accompanied by an adult.
Buy tickets at http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com/tickets/

Written by Sharon Yeung