Art and Entertainment

Mur Nomade Presents Chan Wing Nga and Claire Lee

Both skilled with mixed techniques and am opened to discuss issues such as gender and violence in their works; Chan Wing Nga and Claire Lee are artists both based in Hong Kong who are keen in delivering their portrayals through not only the end product of works but also the value of their research prior and its final presentation created in relations with the located space and attending viewers. Been showcasing their exhibition at Mur Nomade since the 11th of January; the show lasts until the 8th of March opened to the public.

Liang Yi Museum to Open in February 2014 on Hollywood Road

Hollywood road is that street which evidently defines our authentic history with a mix of contemporary culture essential to the shaping of Hong Kong. A must visit for tourists and a relaxing walk for locals; this area contains a lot of art hubs with doors opened for visitors to enjoy. Holding a mix of Hong Kong’s most prestigious antiquities as well as European bejeweled accessories from fine design houses; Liang Yi Antique has found its perfect shop location on Hollywood road, scheduled for opening this February, 2014.

Heel Shoes Boat Shoes

"Break Out" - Amos Duggan's solo exhibition of funky Melbourne street art

With a Basquiat like style, Picasso like portrayals and Gaugin like palette; Melbourne artist Amos Duggan was brought up with a fine arts background but quickly spurred himself into the fields of street art for the immense quantity of space it offered and the location’s ability to display his expressions on an easily viewed public platform. Debuting his solo exhibition here in Hong Kong’s Fabrik Gallery; his layered works are not as simple as it seems.

Recipe for a Painter by Mr Chow aka Zhou Yinghua at Pearl Lam Galleries

Famous for not only his ‘Mr Chow’ Chinese restaurants worldwide; he is also a prominent art figure in the US, being a collector as well as a painter himself. Opening his first solo exhibition at Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong this January on the 14th until the 8th of March; he shares his love for China and his entanglements to cultural and artistic influences from the experiences he had lived with through his artworks.

Duddell’s Limited-Edition Chinese New Year Cake Boxes by Hong Kong Artist anothermountainman

Now that the New Year of 2014 has arrived; let’s not let the celebratory feeling distinguish itself and keep it burning by enjoying Chinese New Year earlier this year at the end of January, 2014. Duddell’s, in hands with our Hong Kong representing artist Stanley Wong aka anothermountainman has especially designed a limited- edition Chinese New Year cake box with the artist’s signature usage of the red white and blue theme.

Liuligongfang Launches “Dragon on the Heavenly Shore” Collection

Welcoming the new year of the Horse; the renowned Chinese crystal art brand Liuligongfang is unveiling 11 pieces of horse works, each displaying a different gesture of heroic and fierce posture for the all new “Dragon on the Heavenly Shore” collection.

Very Street and Very Christmas Concert by Very Hong Kong

Very Hong Kong have just hosted two of their events on the 14th of December 2013 at Sun and Moon Street and New Central Harbourfront, welcoming the festive season with indie music, fashion show, pop- up market and a night of entertainment.

HKDI Gallery Presents Design in Motion by Charles Kaisin

Dedicated in advancing the education of design for students here in Hong Kong; the HKDI has constantly been hosting workshops and exhibitions by artists from around the world for their students and the public to see and participate in. Opening from the 4th of December to the 14th of February 2014; the HKDI Gallery is hosting an all new solo exhibition featuring Belgian architect and designer Charles Kaisin’s series of works based on themes of motion and recycling created from 1999 until 2013.


5th Year of Detour curates the city with unique Tram Designs

Walking through the Wan Chai Police station for my first time last year during Detour; I still vividly remember several of the pieces that were showcased within the jail cells of the historical venue. It was a true blend between incorporating new works by local artists with the organic architecture that has been standing there throughout years of our time. This year; the broad feeling maintains with a new theme “DETOUR MATTERS – From Microtopias to Social Innovation” which oversees a total of 5 static sites and 4 mobile spaces that is scattered around for engagement in the Hong Kong Island.