Art and Entertainment

Jenny Holzer Solo Show at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong

Contemporary artist Jenny Holzer will be opening her solo show in Hong Kong tomorrow at Pearl Lam Galleries, Central. Titled “Light Stream”, the exhibition is full of LED lights picked from 3 of her series; “Truisms”, “Living” and “Survival”. Originally printed on posters pasted anonymously around New York City during the 1970s, the “Truisms” which consists a total of 250 sentences are picked and translated along with portions of “Survival” into Chinese for the first time.

Signal 8 Summer Show at The Cat Street Gallery

Calming down after Art Basel 2013, it seems we are all ready for another dosage of art in the city. The Cat Street Gallery is opening a new Summer Show from the 18th of July until the 25 of August, showcasing local talents that have been curate by the Director.

Jake & Dinos Chapman’s exhibition The Sum of all Evil at White Cube, Hong Kong

Instead of portraying a fantastical side of the world, offering imaginative and creative aspects of fictional time and space for viewers to travel through; Jake and Dino Chapman gives you a blunt examination of evilness, various stereotypes in the current culture and throughout history, resulting in highly confrontational works that goes beyond idealism.

Winners of the local artist competition” juxtaPOSE” exhibits at Above Second




Pulling together local artists, juxtaPOSE group winners of the Above Second Local Artist competition together for an exciting exhibition for the public. Literally juxtaposing artists of different styles and genre together; the show exclaims our daily juxtaposition between the natural and the man made, the changes and the constants.

Oleg Tselkov – Unofficial Art Contemporary Art Exhibition

Opened just on the 23rd of May, Oleg Tselkov’s Unofficial Art will be on at AP Contemporary until the 30th of June. From Moscow, he is an artist that made his name from his activism in the underground and his persistence in going through the suppression on experimental art during the 60s and 70s in the Soviet Union. By sticking to his type of ‘formalism’ art, he was frowned upon by the society amongst other underground young artists and was expelled from art school where he went onto exile in Paris.