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Realism VS the Abstract in the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017

Faced with a blank canvas, modern day artists have to answer the question of they want to portray the subject matter at hand. You'll witness an intriguing negotiation between realism and abstract by modern day artists as you navigate through the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017.

5 Significant Artists You Won't Want to Miss in the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017

In the blink of an eye, this is already the tenth edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Located in Conrad Hong Kong, the exhibition invites over 80 galleries from around the world to display their art collection within the hotel rooms spanning over three floors, creating this innovative art-viewing experience. It could be overwhelming surrounded by so many beautiful artworks, so here are five artists that you should keep in mind as you explore around.

Interview with Nogah Engler: An Inside Look at How the Mesmerizing ‘Time Lapses’ Paintings Came to Be

“My commitment to personally and collectively [remember] is something that triggers me to produce these works.” In the elegant Galerie Huit I sat, surrounded by dozens of canvasses. Sitting next to me is the frightfully talented Israeli artist Nogah Engler herself. Intimidated? You bet. Excited? More than you know. It’s time you learn about Time Lapses, Engler’s solo debut exhibition in Hong Kong.

GIVEAWAY: Lion Rock Press Stationery Gifts and Holiday Swag Bags

Fall is approaching and you can already hear the Christmas fanatics counting down by the hours! Our friends at The Lion Rock Press, a Hong Kong paper design company, have got just the thing for you to get into the holiday spirit. Want a peek of their upcoming collections and nab some free goodies? Read on.

Top 6 Tattoo Parlors in Hong Kong to Get Inked

Tattoos are no longer just for triad members, and the tattoo culture in Hong Kong has a come a long way. Whatever styled tats you're planning on getting next, make sure you find the right artist to take care of you and your skin. Have no clue where to start? Here are a few of Hong Kong's most reputable tattoo studios.

5 Best Places to Get Your Stationery in Hong Kong

If you're looking to upgrade your dowdy old planner, there's options galore in Hong Kong to snag something that will really make a statement. Whether you're looking for something subtle and minimal or going all out with a rainbow rack of pens, there's something for every budget here in this city. A good notebook's always a reason to start penning that novel...

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2016 Weekend To-do List

It’s Rugby Week again, and it’s going to be another weekend filled with costumes, drinking, singing, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re heading to the stadium or not, there’s still plenty of things to do around town. Check out our full guide!