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Just in time for sandal season, we dropped by Lavar to get a dose of their signature spa pedicure (figured our feet needed some TLC...) And it was an absolute delight! What else could beat foot massage, pedi, and wax treatment all on a weekday morning? All for one good price and available at two super convenient locations. Read on to get all the deets...


Not long after we arrived, we got to soak our feet in this pretty tub that doubles as a jacuzzi for our tired feet. That was already very stress-relieving and luxurious, given that it was a weekday morning.  As we almost fell asleep to the warm and cosy experience (oops...), our therapist gently woke us up and had us ready for the next step.

After softening our nails and cuticles in warm water, the therapist then started to get our toenails prepped for some painting – that is, clearing out all the tough calluses and removes the dirt and grime that might have built up. All pedicure treatments are done with a drill machine here, which makes the entire progress much faster, more effective and more hygienic.

Meanwhile, our therapist not only did the job well, but made us feel well taken care of when she asked us how we felt about the drilling and whether everything was fine. Basically, we just sat back and let them handle the rest! 

Now it's time to pick our posion. From summer to winter hues, sparkles to shimmers, they've really got quite a selection to choose from. If you want your nail colour to last longer, opt for Shellac like we did!


When our toes are finally nice and sandals ready, our therapist gave our feet a delightful foot massage, followed by a wax treatment to finish up the session so they're nice and soft to the touch. We can already feel the smoothness and lightness of our feet as she pulled the wax off slowly, (which was oddly satisfying!)

It only took less than two hours but our feet felt completely new again. If you happen to have a longer lunch on a weekday, this could be a special treat for yourself!

P.S. Don't forget to book in advance and bring your pair of sandals or flip flop for your nail polish to last longer!

The Lavar Singture Pedicure includes toe nail shaping, cuticle tidying, professional callus removal by drill machine AND a massage application of professional foot care products, PLUS nail polish or buffing, all for one neat price of $420HKD! Yup, it's definitely time to give those feet a well-deserved pampering.

Lan Kwai Fong
13/F, One Lan Kwai Fong,Central
(852) 2915 0918

Queen's Road
Room 802, Parker House, 72 Queen's Road, Central
(852) 2915 0901

Written by Kelsy Li

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