Singaporean Favourite Blu Kouzina Launches in Deliveroo!
Thu 20 Aug 2020 - Thu 31 Dec 2020 22.00 Import to my calendar


Hong Kong foodies are in for a treat as Deliveroo today announces the upcoming launch of Blu Kouzina at its Wan Chai Editions kitchen. Renowned for serving up Singapore’s favourite Greek and Mediterranean dishes, Blu Kouzina and its branch-off concepts Lucky Souvlaki and VIOS are now available to Deliveroo customers in the Wan Chai area.

Blu Kouzina is the first-ever international restaurant to launch its Hong Kong presence through a Deliveroo Editions kitchen, as Deliveroo continues to uphold its promise to expand delicious meal choices and be a leader in bringing the most F&B unique concepts to Hong Kong. Deliveroo now has three Editions kitchens in Hong Kong, which enable restaurants to set up hub operations in new neighbourhoods, to serve up the same great dishes to a new audience of customers.

Blu Kouzina, Lucky Souvlaki and VIOS all embody the authentic taste of the Mediterranean, in their home-style and naturally nutritious meals for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. By ordering through Deliveroo, hungry people in Hong Kong can now discover each of these varied takes on Mediterranean cuisine:

Blu Kouzina

Founded in 2010, Blu Kouzina has progressed to become one of the finest and top-rated restaurants in Singapore, offering authentic and organic Mediterranean cuisine. Born out of the founders’ love of sharing a meal with family and friends, Blu Kouzina’s menu features many traditional Greek and Mediterranean recipes, all prepared with the freshest ingredients, many of which originate from Greece. Food lovers with a passion for sharing will be delighted by the wide range of family-style plates, as they provide a chance to try a variety of dishes. The ingredients and products found in Blu Kouzina dishes come from sustainable and organic sources, coupled with organic animal proteins that are pastured-raised and grass-fed.

Signature dishes:

Souvlaki me Pita (traditional greek pita, with home- made tzatziki, grass fed beef, fresh tomato and onion, touch of parpika)
Meat Platters consisting of lamb meatballs, beef and chicken skewers and lamb chops,
Dips (tzatziki, hummus, harissa, eggplant, tarama) Greek Salad
Greek Salad (the most traditional salad in Greece made with a Combination of cut fresh tomato, cucumbers, green bell peppers, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, and sea salt)
Spinach Pie (traditional phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach, leek, herbs, and feta)
Grass Fed Beef Skewer (Grass fed beef skewer marinated in extra virgin olive oil and greek spices)
Bifteki Stin Shara Beef Patties (grass fed marinated beef pattie served with fresh onion and tomato and topped with greek vinaigrette)

Lucky Souvlaki

Another scrumptious concept under the Blu Kouzina umbrella, Lucky Souvlaki offers gyro goodness with a modern twist. Inspired by the traditional Greek souvlaki and its quick rise to fame as a popular grab-and-go go food option across the world, the creators of Lucky Souvlaki seized on the opportunity to give the classic wrap an innovative edge, by introducing new and distinct flavours along with never-seen-before fusion options. Lucky Souvlaki shares the same pantry as both Blu Kouzina and VIOS, to ensure top-range quality for all ingredients and final dishes.

Signature dishes:

Build your own Kebab
Chicken Gyro Wraps (Traditional chicken gyro (marinated chicken thigh), wrapped in a greek pita, filled with tzatziki, tomato, onion, french fries, homemade pink mayo sauce, paprika)
Greek Salad (the most traditional salad in Greece made with a Combination of cut fresh tomato, cucumbers, green bell peppers, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, and sea salt)


The final menu in the Blu Kouzina family is VIOS, serving up handcrafted, nourishing food bowls with only the finest Mediterranean ingredients. Bringing to life the mission of enhancing customer’s lives and providing healthy and nutritious options, VIOS’ menu consists of a wide range of vegetables, fruits, nuts and animal protein to create the most delicious and fresh meal option. Following the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet, VIOS keeps health at the centre of its meal concept with meals that provide a plethora of nutrients that not only stimulate the taste-buds, but also activate the body to keep it energised and strong.

Signature dishes:

Build Your Own Bowls
The Power & Recover Bowl (meatballs, hummus and tzatziki)
Guardian Bowl (Fresh spinach, tricolor quinoa, mediterranean chicken breast, 3 bean dip, tzatziki dip, homemade harissa sauce, parsley)
Mediterranean Bowl (Fresh arugula, tricolor quinoa, roasted pumpkin, mediterranean chicken breast, hummus dip, tzatziki dip, fresh cucumber, tomato & onion mix, greek feta, kalamata olives, greek vinaigrette)