Pop Up Co-Art Exhibition
Sat 13 Jul 2019 - Fri 2 Aug 2019 12.00 - 19.00 Import to my calendar


The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge every weekend from July 13 until July 28 2019 from 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm. There will be artwork and installations for viewing and other pieces will be for sale.

“As part of our District15 Platforms initiative we always try to collaborate with Hong Kong’s creative community giving them use of spaces that we have available” says Alex Bent, co-founder of District15. “The Nate’s retail podium is one of those spaces and we are happy to welcome all these artists to the space and open it up to the public.”


1/F & 2/F HKWALLS - Hong Kong AiR
The HKWALLS, Hong Kong Artist-in-Residence programme (aka Hong Kong AiR) is a multi-disciplinary initiative which aims to promote Hong Kong and emerging artists all over the world. For the first edition of Hong Kong AiR, 4 artists will occupy the first and second floors of The Nate’s retail podium, utilising the space as a studio to get messy and create work. The programme will offer open studio days on the weekends, giving visitors a rare opportunity to observe up-close the artists’ work and practice. This iteration of Hong Kong AiR will conclude with an exhibition featuring the artwork created by the artists during their time at The Nate.
Artists exhibiting include Go Hung, Espen Cook, Amy Maria Tong, and Daisuke Tajima.


3/F The Collective, Disappearing species

Interactive art installation

This interactive installation is crafted to entice curiosity from the visitors to the space. As guests approach our 270 degree projected installation the atoms attract together in to the form of the animals, presenting them with current data related to their numbers. Based on real time data which is linked to the actual number left in the wild, the more endangered a species is, the less matoms are available to display its form.
The longer an audience member remains in front of the piece, the more they will be able to learn too. Through an engaging information feed, to create a deep connection between the species and the audience, establishing awareness with the aim to inspire change.

Live interactive painting Performance

Performed by acclaimed artist Akiko Sakai inside a real-time immersive interactive space crafted by creative studio, The Collective. During the painting creation journey, the artist’s motion drives inspirations from the related animals and their surrounding habitat realised in this immersive space, aiming to reveal the beauty and essence of these animals and their environment. Audience are going to experience together with the artist a journey transforming life into art. A journey merging art with technology, a mixture of the physical and the digital world.

3/F KAREN CHAN + FRÉDÉRIC BUSSIÈRE, 活 -umière (living with the light)
In our internet heavy society, virtual identities are created every second, resulting in a disconnected feeling from reality. 活 -umière is an interactive audio and light installation, which invites its audience to explore the balance of virtual versus real life.

4/F The Hong Kong Arts Collective, Home Grown
The exhibition marks The Hong Kong Arts Collective's inaugural show, an organization which aims to specifically showcase Hong Kong artists to encourage the growth and awareness of the local creative community. The selected artists offer distinctive styles and flavours, and include both emerging and established professional artists from the city. Artists exhibiting include Jonathan Jay Lee, Shann Larsson, Peter Ross, Marc Allante, Barlo, Simple Bao, Camille Levert, Michelle Kuen Suet Fung and more.