As one of the newest players on the Hong Kong nightlife scene, DJC has definitely made his presence known. Like most DJs, he began because he wanted to hear the kind of music that Hong Kong clubs weren’t playing. Particularly into hip hop, DJC used his first music love to influence his sound of trap, dubstep, and electrohouse. He bought some equipment, taught himself, and quickly landed a residency in Otto Lounge in the famous Lan Kwai Fong district in Central, Hong Kong. He started to pick up gigs at Hyde, 7th Heaven, Bassment, and various warehouse parties with over 1000 people, eventually playing Loudless beach parties. In early 2013, he was hired by DestroyedHK as an in-house DJ and began to play boat parties, beach parties, and weddings. DJC began to get major exposure when he performed at the world famous Play Club for the Jack Wills Seasonnaires sponsored “A British Tea Party”. Shortly after, he was chosen to be the face of the Origami Bass party Brand. Recently, DJC performed a set at the notorious Pop Diss II held at XXX in Sai Wan, HK. After DJ Eve Speciall noticed him rocking a set, DJC began playing alongside the likes of Eve Speciall and DJ Anil Ahuja. DJC can now be found performing as the newest resident at the famous Club Fly in Hong Kong where his sound has evolved to include funky, deep and soulful house.


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