Arenas, Halls and Outdoor (127)

Need directions to the next big concert, show or outdoor event?

Check these listings for the biggest venues as well as those found outside.

Bars (513)

It seems as though Hong Kong opens a new bar every week!

Looking for a spot for a drink after work, somewhere to go before the club or just a relaxed night out, look here.

Beach Bars (8)

In addition to the fashionable city spots, Hong Kong is lucky to host some lovely hidden beaches.

What better way to spend the weekend than in the sun with a nice cold drink.

Cafes and Bakeries (225)

Look at the Cafes and Backeries section to find a place for a meeting, somewhere to grab a coffee, get a quick bite or a place to relax and read.

Also a key stop on Saturday and Sunday morning to recuperate from the night before.

Cinemas (41)

Where to catch the best films, screenings and special movie events in Hong Kong.

Galleries (94)

Hong Kong has a variety of Galleries offering all forms of art, where even special events and parties happen each month.

Art is a rapidly growing market, so expect for lots of updates in this section.

Gyms & Sports Venues (62)

If you're looking to sweat it out, Hong Kong is home to many fantastic independent gyms that are dedicated to specific workouts, as well as large-scale chain gyms that are conveniently located all over the city. There are also other cool venues for you to try out bubble soccer, neon bowling, laser tag and more!

Hotels (146)

As for those travelling, partying or on business, a listing of Hong Kong's major hotels is a must.

View a list of our choices located around Hong Kong.

Karaoke Bars & Clubs (6)

Karaoke, an activity close to the hearts of many Hong Kongers takes place in a number of venues, predominantly in Kowloon.

If you're looking for a combination of good drinks deals, private lounges and some bad renditions of local and western classics, give some of these venues a go!

Pubs (40)

Itching for a bit of sport, beer and wholesome pub food?

Look no further. Our pub list will satisfy your needs.

Restaurants (1446)

Hong Kong boasts one of the richest varieties of modern cuisine.

Home to eight double-michelin star restaurants, as well as the more affordable ones, you'll never run out of new things to try.

Retail (136)

Fashion, homeware and lifestyle stores in Hong Kong.

Shopping Malls (17)

Hong Kong has a great variety of shopping malls located all over the city, where you can spend the whole day if you wish! From fashion brands to dining, they do host a lot of choice and brands to check out.

Spas & Salons (47)

Looking for a place to get pampered and primed? We've got all the best of Hong Kong's spas, massage parlors, salons and studios all in one place so you don't have to do the legwork.

Technology (4)

Hong Kong has a lot of locations where you can find the best in technology products. From cameras to mobile phones, you should be able to find everything you are looking for.