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Philips' Garment Steamer Collection is here to solve all your first-world wardrobe problems!

The fluctuating Hong Kong weather makes everything ten times more of a nightmare by forcing you to wear that already dry-cleaned, storage-ready knitted cardigan in the unexpected temperature drop in March. Then in a blink of the eye, the warm and humid weather kicks in and you find yourself digging up the pile of thin blouses and chiffon dresses in storage boxes, each and every piece in dire need of ironing. Do not panic--Philips' Garment Steamer Collection is going make everything okay with a snap of their fingers.

Philips ProTouch 2-in-1 Garment Steamer (GC618) is the perfect dry-clean and ironing combo in your dreams. Conveniently equipped with a tilt-able ironing board that's curved to fit the shoulders of your shirts and jackets, the Garment Steamer is said to effortlessly iron out all resilient wrinkles on the most delicate of materials. Furthermore, the PureSteam technology allows this trendy gadget to generate bursts of steam that penetrate into any fabric, promising to kill bacteria and drive out odour. Armed with a number of precision tips, this 2-in-1 Garment Steamer allows you to thoroughly dry-clean all of your fashion pieces at home. As if that is not enough, the Philips ProTouch 2-in-1 Garment Steamer can also be used to disinfect your curtains and beddings.

If an ironing board is still too much for of a nuisance, then Philips StyleTouch Garment Steamer (GC442) is just for you. You can steam your clothes on any horizontal or vertical surface. Place the StyleMat on your bed, lay your desired outfit on top, and iron away. The Garment Steamer is said to be able to heat up within one minute, while the 200ml water tank is enough for you to steam up to 3 fashion items, thus allowing you to iron the whole outfit in one go, stress-free.

With the innovative PureSteam technology and quick calc release, both of the heaters in the Garment Steamers mentioned above is said to have the ability to automatically descale whilst generating steam, ensuring these dissolved minerals won't clog up and affect the power of your steamer in many years to come.

The Philips Garment Steamer Collection not just your normal household iron, it is a promise that you can choose whichever outfit you want to wear, knowing that this Garment Steamer will make it look presentable in no time at all.  



Philips ProTouch 2-in-1 Garment Steamer GC618 (HK$ 2498)
Philips ProTouch Garment Steamer GC442 (HK$848)

Available at department stores and electrical chains
Philips Customer Service no.: 2619-9663


Written by Sharon Yeung