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Our prayers have been answered! Whether you are too busy to plan for your boyfriend’s birthday party next week or make time to do your own things like laundry, or even buying that cake you are too lazy to queue for, life is just easier when someone else can do the job for you. Well, what if there's a magic number you can whatsapp to help you run any errands you don't have time for? This is SpotHelp.

This idea first surfaced in the States, where you can text a number with a task or something that you need, and it'll reply with a quote and ETA, no questions asked. This idea has finally landed in Hong Kong as SpotHelp. All you have to do is to whatsapp them at +852 6190 7100 and tell them your request, then wait for their quotation and pay. Blink – the task is done.

How does it work you ask? Well they have a team on call that'll help get your task done, from food delivery and digitalizing business cards to event planning or booking last-minute flights. All payments will be 100% secure according to their website, "We will send you a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link via WhatsApp that you can click to enter your credit card number. We do not store your credit card number. All payment processing is handled by Paypal."

Check out some of the happy customer's review on their Facebook page:

We must say, all the reviews are very positive, yet we are not sure how much they are charging for each specific request. However, we believe the service will certainly come in handy when it’s urgent or when it’s one of the days when you don’t feel like running your errands (but still need to get them done). With the launch of SpotHelp in Hong Kong, there’s no more excuses for things not getting done!

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