Although most people are using their phone to manage schedule, there are some people still appreciate the original way to do it – paper and pen. It’s really not far away from 2018 so don’t look further if agenda, diary or planner is your thing, we picked the best out there for you.

If you’re into Scandinavian design…



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The daily diary managed to be minimalist designed but delightful too see. It caught my eyes because: 1) it’s pocket size and travel-friendly which means I will be more likely to use it regularly instead of leaving it at home or office. 2) It has day to a page view with bi-hourly breakdowns so it’s very suitable for people who have busy schedule (basically everyone nowadays) 3) the colours! It is available in Aqua, Raspberry and Charcoal, I just want them all!

If you’re sassy and not afraid to show it… 17-month medium agenda (USD$28)


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The L.A. brand is full of fun and bubbly character so is their 17-month (Aug 2017–Dec 2018) medium agenda – there is cute artwork throughout the pages and several sticker pages at the back. The layout is weekly plan but there’re also extra notes pages too. Available in 5 different design.

If you like floral prints…

Rifle and Paper - 2018 Herb Garden 17-Month Planner (USD$34)

The planner is such a lovely accessory on the desk, isn’t it? Besides the fabulous floral print on the cover, there’re also inspirational quotes on the pages to cheer you up. The layout is basically a daily to-do list so I can imagine people who are task-oriented will enjoy it a lot. It also has sections for celebrations so you don’t miss any anniversary, birthday and so on.

If you want to focus on happiness and inner peace in 2018…

The Happiness Planner - The Peony Planner® (USD$59)

It may look like a fashionable clutch but it is actually a planner that makes you pay more attention to your mind and soul. First of all, the monthly plan includes: Goals, Happy Things I Will Do, and Positive Self-Talk. On daily basis, it will ask you "Today I'm Excited About", Daily Main Focus, Daily Meals & Exercise and of course to-do list…etc. I like the idea that it doesn’t only organize your schedule but also encourage you to think more positively and practice your self-care ability day by day.

If you really really want to treat yourself…

Smythson - 2018 Panama Diary, Mara Collection (GDP 95)


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Let’s be honest, Smythsons diaries are true luxury. The Panama Diary for instance, is sleek pocket size and lined with gilt-edged and pale blue Featherweight paper. The outlook is even better: printed calf leather in gorgeous berry colour light gold enamelled slide closure. No wonder the British leather goods brand gained the loyal customers from European Royalty, Sir Winston Churchill, to Grace Kelly.