Soohyang, the lifestyle brand from Korea has arrived in Hong Kong! Found in 2013 in Seoul, their scented candles and home scented products have been a cult favourite in globe – they are sold in Nodstrom (US), Fenwick (UK) and i.t. blue block at Hysan Place.

Matches ($89).  

Entering the Soohyang’s shop is like being in a candy shop, it smell absolutely divine, first of all. Secondly, the black and pink packaging is ridiculously adorable and the collection of 33 scented candles are more than just eye candies. The staff introduced me the most popular scent called Itaewon 565 (Green Floral), Gangnam 8 (Spicy and Oriental), and some other with cheeky names such as Girl's Neck (Fruity and floral) and New Shoes (Leathery). Besides, I was also told that the candles are made of high-quality 100% soy wax, which means they are smoke-free, last longer and more eco-friendly.

Scented Candle 200g ($389).  

After obsessively sniffing them all for 20 minutes straight, I decided to bring Kiss Lesson (Balsamic) and matches (with the quote “Life is better when you smell nice” on it”) home but the surprise was yet to come, they asked my name and it turns out that you customise the candle label for free – how thoughtful and cute is that? I had a list of people who will appreciate this personalized gift on my head immediately.


To celebrate the opening in Hong Kong, don’t miss out the exclusive “Hong Kong” candle (120g / $279).  



6F I.T blue block Hysan Place, Causeway bay, Hong Kong



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