Welcoming the new year of the Horse; the renowned Chinese crystal art brand Liuligongfang is unveiling 11 pieces of horse works, each displaying a different gesture of heroic and fierce posture for the all new “Dragon on the Heavenly Shore” collection.



Perfect as gifts for respected elders and family; the collection not only features their larger pieces of fine craft, there is also a line of smaller horses, “Little Young Pegasus”, which is great for self-collection and the parents of newborns.

With the “Boundless Grandeur” in red noble amber depicting horses bathing in fire and the “Over the Mighty Sea” as well as the “Great Cause Taking Off” showing horses riding up the waves into the sky; the symbolism is perfect for wishing people a successful new year.

With each piece taking up to 9 months for production, the exquisite designs vividly embodies a positive energy, marching the brand and the receiver towards a fruitful and strong 2014.


80 Tat Chee Ave, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong


Written by Joyce Tsang