It always feels good to be surrounded by people with a passion; those who are well trained and skilled on a particular field truly just for the love of it. Countless dance battles, X game competitions, rap and beat boxing performances as well as DJ- ing events have been held locally; but never all gathered together for a single execution like this. This Sunday, walk over to Victoria Park and be exposed to those that initially started from the streets.



Not anything less of the international festivals we see overseas; YMCA in collaboration with dream Up communications have invited and compiled guests from around the world to entertain and acknowledge the crowd  about street dancing, rapping, graffiti, Dj-ing, skateboarding, BMX as well as Fix gear biking.

On top of having Korean Cross Over Crew; Japanese Yukari from Bitter Box Sisters crew and Korean Moon from Originality crew judge and perform for the 1 on 1 Hip Hop and Funk styles battle. OG skateboarder Warren Stuart will also be present to judge for the Amateur Best Line Skateboard competition.

Grafitti artist Uncle will be collaborating with illustrator Cuson to produce large size artworks, and beat boxer RX will be performing solo to the public. Drop by the festival from 3pm to 3:15pm or 4:30pm to 4:45pm to see for yourself local BMX riders stroll around the park with their amazing tricks and enthusiasm. Learn about the new trend of fixed gear bikes by talking to participating parties Star Track and Fixielicious; you’d be tempted like I am to own one of those fancied up bikes by these local crews.


To be honest, I am just as excited as the participants about the festival. Starting from 12pm all the way until 6pm, keep your eyes and ears opened as numerous performances hits you all at once in the first ever Hong Kong International Street Jam 2013 on the 19th of May .

Visit https://www.facebook.com/HongKongInternationalStreetJam for more information.


Written by Joyce Tsang