Want something special but not a DIY person yourself? Want something personalized but tired of getting the same old alphabet bracelets and printed apparels? Have a bare looking wall but nothing unique enough to make you reach in your wallet for it? This 2009 founded company Blank has just released 3 designs this October perfect as gifts for others or just for yourself to decorate your interiors with. Affordable and easily purchased via www.blankbespokeart.com, consider a canvas print by them for the next Christmas or house warming present instead.



‘Save the Date’ design takes inspiration from the old vintage destination sign outlook from British buses and trams and transform them into a print of memorable moments that you wish to record in an art form. Be it the schools you’ve been to, the countries you’ve visited, the special dates that you have gone through in life; the moments can now be marked down with colourful shades onto a 35 x 70cm bespoke Bus Blind canvas, or in other sizes you prefer.

Always want to recommend your friends the books you’ve read but never able to recall their titles? The ‘A Novel Idea’ design can definitely aid you on that. Simply give BLANK the series of titles of your favourite books and they can have it printed on the canvas recreating you your very own library on a 35 x 23cm bespoke Favourite Books canvas.

If you are looking for a gift for a family member, or to celebrate the birth of a newborn; the ‘A Family Affair’ family free print is a great choice to go for. Literally family ‘tree’, all your family’s or other group member’s names can be printed on the leaves to commemorate.

Already have an idea for your Blank canvas? Email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!


Written by Joyce Tsang