With the countless billboards, adverts and print media available in Hong Kong; people tend to neglect what they see because so much is going on every single day. Interest is easily lost and people quickly move on from one thing to another. In order to execute direct marketing to the specific target market, street marketing may be a better way to reach your audiences.


By so, we mean targeting to those people with street flyering. There are a few key points to take note of when it comes to successful street flyering.

i) A clear message on the flyers is needed, so no time is wasted and your message gets directly delivered.

ii) The street flyering team should dress in custom t- shirts or costumes to attract attention on the streets.

iii) Team members should know well about the event, so if any question comes up, they are capable of providing general information to the public.

iv) Also make sure the location your team is flyering at is not a private property. Don’t assume a place allows flyering just because you see other people doing it there; usually those places prohibit street teams.

Article written by Entertaining Asia

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