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We all know how humid Hong Kong is; never mind our clothes, even ourselves have a moist wet scent from sitting indoors for too long. Drying clothes in Hong Kong is hard, and most our clothes end up smelling like dehumidifying pills we keep in our drawers. Well, that can be changed and you can still hold up your folded shirts with a scent of fresh laundry from your closet.

With a lot of conferences and exhibitions happening in HKTDC this January to March; it’s vital for guests from abroad to find the perfect hotel for stay at, to be recharged at the end of each day, and to stay ready for potential clients and businesses during their packed trip schedule.


Artisan & Artist* is not only a camera case production brand, but a name that represents innovation and quality. Other than releasing their all new Camera Tote Bag “COV-7000ES” this season; the brand has also prepared their 3WP-FT make up bag series and a set of handmade NN make up brush with premium goat, squirrel and marten fur.

Welcoming the new year of the Horse; the renowned Chinese crystal art brand Liuligongfang is unveiling 11 pieces of horse works, each displaying a different gesture of heroic and fierce posture for the all new “Dragon on the Heavenly Shore” collection.

It’s not rare to feel a bit overweight already before Christmas is even here since Thanksgiving just came around a few weeks earlier. Neither is it weird for you to have dropped that exercise plan you have promised to commit to every day in trade for more rest and nights out. Since work is so focused in a fast paced city like this; it’s very easy to forget about pampering yourself and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Yet with Christmas approaching, let’s take advantage of this festive season and award yourself with Burberry’s Beauty Festive Collection, ISO Fit’s sessions and Sense of Touch’s Christmas Delight for a brightened appearance before 2014 hits.

Perfect for him, and even for the boy chic her; Konzepp has compiled a series of items ranging from sunnies to watches to candles that are perfect for the trendy receiver you are looking to buy a gift for.

I don’t know about you but I am so excited about Christmas. I have yet to decide what will happen, but I have already bought a mini Christmas tree and started decorating it at home. It’s always kind of hard to get hold of affordable but unique party decorations in Hong Kong because it has still yet to become that strong of a culture here; setting up house parties and preparing so much for a single dinner when everyone is so busy with everything else in life. And since most of the dangling goods and table wares are just for one time only; people rather go out and celebrate at a place where the venue has already gotten everything prepared.

Want something special but not a DIY person yourself? Want something personalized but tired of getting the same old alphabet bracelets and printed apparels? Have a bare looking wall but nothing unique enough to make you reach in your wallet for it? This 2009 founded company Blank has just released 3 designs this October perfect as gifts for others or just for yourself to decorate your interiors with. Affordable and easily purchased via, consider a canvas print by them for the next Christmas or house warming present instead.


With such varied channels of expression in the current era; people are more active in exercising their own creative world through the means of social media. Whereas in history, talented souls portray their imagination with paintings and photographs; the modern youth uses Instagram and Facebook. As a combination of the old film camera with trendy appearances and functions, the Instax Mini 90 has joined forces with Instagram and is holding a photo competition online starting from the 11th of October until the 31st of October.


Everyone can be a photographer is a bit of a farfetched statement, but everyone can own the gears a professional photographer demand is a fact in the current era.  Girls, boys, elderly people, anybody can enjoy the excitement photography brings; and with a quality brand like Artisan & Artist, bringing your camera out for a casual shoot can be so easy and stylish at the same time.

The humidity really does not help when you’re already stressed and tired after a day’s work. The closed door home smells cloggy, and it’s not that much better even when the air conditioning is on.  There’s rarely any refreshing smell outdoors, so it’s all about brightening up indoors with fragrances and scents.

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