Planning a party is not as easy as it seems, and people tend to make the same mistakes when they’re trying to organize their own. Here are some of the common things we see vital to have in mind, and simply by avoiding them, a successful party is on its way!


1) Time Management
Don’t leave things to the last minute! It is always safe to make sure you have a lot more time in hand than you need; so if any last minute problem occurs, you still have a good amount of time to try and get it fixed. Nevertheless there are always going to be things that cannot be controlled before the event day, things can still be sorted before the party starts if you start early on the day.

2) Relying 100% on Third Party Supplies
Of course you should always have a key list of party suppliers that you can trust and rely on, but always still check and make sure everything you need is in order. If the end result is something of poor quality, it only reflects badly on yourself and the party. Ensure your supplies are ready this time, and guests will be likely to return to your future parties too!

3) Checklists
Write checklists; have them around and follow them throughout the planning process. There can be many parts to a single party, so having a list prevents you from leaving anything out. Checking off what has been done and what needs to be done also makes it much easier to follow for you and for any other participating individuals. The checklist then becomes the perfect template for your future parties and a great assessment as to what was and was not necessary for the success of the party.

4) Making Assumptions
It is never good to assume anything when you’re planning for a party. If you are not sure if something has been done or not, then always check. Do not just assume that it has been taken care of or assume it will just be alright. Because at the end of the day, the blame comes back to you as the organiser if anything fails.

5) Ignoring certain terminologies
With party planning, there can be a lot of special terminologies that comes up between conversations with suppliers, especially with technical support parties.  Do ask or search online as to what something specifically implies if you do not understand. The party can only be successful if the party organizer is completely clear on what has been discussed and how things are to be done.

Article written by Entertaining Asia

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