Anti-gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is all the rage now, some calls it the best thing that ever happened, while others see it as nothing more than a fad. We decided to try it out for ourselves and see what the hype is all about, and we’ve chosen none other than EPIC MMA Club, the newly renovated gym in central to test the waters.


Located in the same building as Abercombie and Fitch, Epic MMA Club is a gym focused on martial art trainings with plenty of cardio and weight training facilities perfect for any gym rat and fitness junkie. The new renovation gave the 15,000 square foot open space even more brand new machines and more variety to the group classes menu. One of the new addition is Anti-gravity yoga, as well as Pilates, restorative yoga and even kids yoga.

Our first impression when the elevator doors opened was that it was a very professional gym, with lots of open space and natural light, (as well as plenty of well-built guys to spare!) After signing in and getting changed into our tank tops and toga pants, we were ready to start.

We were greeted by the lovely instructor Rachel Huang who showed us the ropes (literally) and helped us adjust the ropes, or rather silky hammocks, to the right length. Before the class started, Rachel told us that this class is going to be a little bit more advanced when it comes to poses, and that she will be there to help all the beginners.

The first pose, which is probably the most iconic Anti-gravity yoga pose of all, was the inversion. It is basically suspending yourself on the rope upside-down, and completely relying on the rope itself to hold you. We quickly learnt that not trusting the rope is exactly what makes it a lot scarier, as you tense up and your hands try to look for the ground, you can easily unhinge yourself. However, Rachel was very quick to help us with balancing ourselves, teaching us relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as assuring us that these ropes can easily hold a 200kg baby elephant, let alone us! Even if we do fall, the thick mat was there to catch us, and soon enough we got into the groove and moved on to other deep stretches with relaxing music in the background to sooth us.

After going through almost the entire body, namely the four limbs as well as our back and shoulders, it was hard not to get addicted to the silk hammock. Not only did we get to stretch many of the untouched muscles, we were able to swing on the hammock like children, and by far our favourite pose – completely relaxed while the lights were dimmed and the hammock hugged our entire body like a cocoon as it slowly swung. We would’ve loved for us to be in a private room just so we could be completely in our own worlds, but the pose itself already hits all the spots.

Needless to say, it was quite a wild ride for just an hour long class. From fear, to excitement, to relaxation and finally bliss, Anti-gravity yoga is something that is definitely very addictive. Not to mention it’s especially beneficial for active people, as it can complement your other sports and help you stretch out used muscles as well as train different muscle groups. We must say it was quite an intimidating but absolutely unforgettable feat, but you’ll have to try it to believe it!

Overall, EPIC MMA Club is a great place for beginners or experts alike to try their hands at yoga or other martial arts as the two seemingly very different things compliments each other very well. Whether you’re looking for some Muai Thai class to blow off steam or a place to do Pilates, this is the place to be. They have plenty of packages and options available, even pay-as-you-go, so you can find something that fits you and your schedule like a glove.

1/F China Building, 29 Queen's Road Central, Central / (852) 2525 2833

Written by Karen Chiang