How did you spend the holiday and what presents did you get? According to CNBC, it is estimated that more than 90 billion US dollars-worth presents will be returned to retailers in USA this year and I think all of us can relate when you’re not sure what to do with the unwanted gifts and yet feel guilty to throw them away. This year, you can turn them into something useful with John Master Organics and Plantation by Teakha.

From Dec 26 – Jan 21, you can bring unwanted Christmas gift that you received to three of the John Masters Organics stores in Hong Kong so they can re-gift them to J Life Foundation which is a local charity who supports under-privileged families. To reward your actions, participants will receive a Body Care trial set from John Masters Organics, and a coupon from Plantation as a gesture of appreciation.

Even though most presents are welcome, clothing, toiletries, drawing materials and stationery in new condition are more preferable. Rather to let them to take up the space at home, why not give them to people in need?

Where & When:
JMO Harbour City store: Dec 29 – 31, Jan 5 – 7, 12 –14, 19 – 21
Address: 3/F, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

JMO IFC store: Dec 26 – Jan 21
Address: 3005A, 3/F, ifc mall, Central, Hong Kong

JMO Times Square store: Dec 26 – Jan 21
Address: B236, Basement 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Plantation by teakha: Jan 20 – 21
Address: Mezzanine, 16A Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

About J Life:
J Life Foundation Limited was founded in January 2012 and was registered in July 2013 as a charitable institution recognized by the Hong Kong Government (IR File No. 91/12833) and they provide tangible support (food and goods) and non-tangible support (education) to underprivileged families who are registered at J Life. We provide a platform for members to help others and create a helpful community. Thus, we are able to provide help on an individual, family, and community level.


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