CHARRIOL is known for its outstanding Swiss-made timepieces, fine jewelry and accessories. Each season, the family-run firm introduces imaginative new interpretations of its iconic cable motif – the signature of the brand, and a modern tribute to the artistry of the Celts. This timeless motif continues to evolve and play a central role in the 2017 collections, which showcase more color and innovation than ever before.

The 2017 creations play with daring new color palettes, from bold and vibrant shades to soft pastels. CHARRIOL’s core DNA, the signature Celtic twisted cable motif, remains at the heart of each design, as elegant and timeless today as it was when it first appeared over three decades ago.

These new pieces are presented at Baselworld March 2017, including a spectacular addition to the glamorous ST-TROPEZ™ watch line for women.

The GreenLight variant is generously set with gorgeous green tsavorite stones on the bezel and lugs, with matching tsavorite counters on the dial. Our GreenLight model is also in step with this year’s favourite hue, as ‘greenery’ has been hailed by Pantone as the 2017 color of the year. Green symbolises fresh new beginnings, hope and growth. Tsavorite’s sophisticated shade brings a fresh new twist to evening wear and makes a change from the usual ‘occasion colors’ of black or white.


ST-TROPEZ™ GreenLight

CHARRIOL’s COLVMBVS™ collection welcomes a new quartz timepiece for women: an exuberant, all- plum edition. Wearable, feminine and expertly crafted, COLVMBVS™ Prune commands attention with its bold coloring, which evokes royalty and reflects the CHARRIOL house color. Inspired by the legendary explorer Christopher Columbus, the COLVMBVS ™ line embodies CHARRIOL’s values of discovery and entrepreneurship. A fresh and fabulous new take on nautical chic, the COLVMBVS™ Prune completed with a sparkling bezel, set with 50 white diamonds, will add a powerful, fashion-forward splash of color to your wardrobe.                              



The FOREVER Jewelry line is always fashion forward and features subtle insignia and super-slim reworking of the signature CHARRIOL twisted cable motif. The steel cable is wound neatly between two rims, rather like the thread on a couturier’s bobbin, adding distinctive style and a luxe design detail. The chunky bands are offset with a curling, arching wave running through the centre. The organic form of the wave and the more masculine, bold design makes them ideal for everyday wear. People who are water signs of the zodiac, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, will appreciate these accessories, as well as those with a love of the sea.


CHARRIOL’s Creative Director, Coralie Charriol-Paul designed the PONT D’AMOUR (Bridge of Love) collection as a special concept for couples in love. Coralie’s design inspiration comes from many sources. For this range, she drew on the symbolism of the world’s most beautiful bridges to represent the loving connection that links two people.



The new collection offers versatile timepieces that complement any outfit, from relaxed daytime attire to a floor-length evening gown. These stylish watches also combine perfectly with pieces from our bangle collection for an up-to-the-minute stacked look. It shows that CHARRIOL has been advocating the brand design concept -  “L'art de vivre la difference”.

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