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Pacific Coffee lovers/addicts (such as myself) -- get ready to be drowning in a sea of celebratory launches in July for PCC's 25th Anniversary on July 21st! 

“More Than Just Coffee” – Pacific Coffee x Vitasoy

Pacific Coffee is collaborating with Vitasoy for the first time to introduce a taste that is uniquely Hong Kong through 3 iced coffee drinks, and a limited edition co-branded glass mug. The three new drinks are Iced Vitasoy Soyabean Milk Latte, a mix between Vitasoy Soyabean Milk and PCC's 18/25 Altura coffee, Iced Vitasoy Malted Soyabean Milk Latte which blends 18/25 Altura with Vitasoy Malted Soyabean Milk, and lastly Vitasoy Malted Soyabean Milk Mocha Chilino, a combination of 18/25 Altura Espresso Chillino, Vitasoy Malted Soyabean Milk and rich chocolate sauce, with Vitasoy Sansui Organic Soyabean Dessert Tofu. Furthermore, the collaboration has also brought a limited quantity Glass Mug that's suitable for both cold and hot drinks. The mug paired with a stainless steel straw with Vitasoy's classic logo and Pacific Coffee's anniversary message" Just a thought!/We're 25" embossed on both sides is a must-have item for all. 

Drinks are priced at:
Tall $42/ Grande $46/ Alto $50
Available from July 12, 2017 - Sep 19, 2017 
Glass Mug Redemption Method: 
Perfect Cup Members: Redeem a set of special edition glass mug and any grande Pacific Coffee x Vitasoy series promotional drink at $50 (original price: $71) 
(The offer is valid from Jul 12, 2017 onwards while stocks last) 

Non Members: + $25 for a special edition glass mug upon purchase of any grande Pacific Coffee x Vitasoy series promotional drink 

Available from Jul 12, 2017 to Sep 19, 2017 
Drinks will be served in the glass mug 
Glass mug is available while stocks last 
*Stainless steel straw is suitable for cold beverages only

Pacific Coffee is also introducing three food items in collaboration with Vitasoy. The bnew dishes are: Black Bean & Taro Noodle Salad with Teriyaki Chicken & Black Soya Milk Mayonnaise $42 (Available from July 12, 2027), Black Soya Panna Cotta with Quinoa & Chia Seed $30 (Available from July 26, 2017), and Vitasoy Soyabean Milk Mango Tart $28 (Available from July 26, 2017).   
Available until Sep 19, 2017

Pacific Coffee 25th Anniversary Augmented-Reality Apps

Showcase your admiration for Hong Konger's creativity through your camera! Last year, Pacific Coffee invited all Hong Kong residents to participate in the “Paint it! The Coffee Cup Art!” campaign. Selected works have now been produced into 25th anniversary paper cups, java jackets and travel mugs. With Pacific Coffee AR App installed on fans' phones, a Hong Kong-themed drawing on the 25th anniversary paper cup will come alive under the camera. 

How to activate the AR feature:
Follow these 3 steps to activate the AR features 
1. Get a 25th anniversary paper cup by purchasing a tall or grande hot handcrafted beverage 

*Available at all Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong while stocks last 
2. Open the AR App and use the camera to focus on the paper cup to activate the AR feature 

If you have not received a 25th anniversary paper cup, you may click and download a test image 

Click here to download AR App.

Pacific Coffee 25th Anniversary Paper Cup & Java Jacket + Travel Mug

The winners' drawings make these paper cups truly unique. The Hong-Kong-themed 25th anniversary paper cup will be used to serve tall or grande hot beverages during Pacific Coffee's birthday month (July), while the other 3 designs will be used in August, September and October respectively. Moreover, the winners' drawings are used to craft travel mugs as well, retailing at $88/pc. 


Dress in Red to get buy-one-get-one-free beverages! 

Customers who dress in red on July 21, 2017 are eligible to get buy-one-get-one-free on tall size or above handcrafted beverages^ at all Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong (except Hung hom MTR Station Coffeehouse). For color (red) reference, please refer to Pacific Coffee's red stay mugs.  
Acceptable: Clothing and accessories that are "worn", such as glasses, clothes, shoes, socks, ties, earrings, bags an bracelets. 
These don't count: Makeup like red lips and nails, and things that are not "worn", such as smartphone cases, wallet, wallpaper of your phone, stationeries and etc.  
^ Purchased and complimentary beverages exclude promotional drinks, bottled drinks, juices, specialty coffee, liqueur coffee and Chillino 

Free Brew Coffee for July 21 Birthday Stars 

To cap off the long series of celebratory launches, Hong Kong residents who share Pacific Coffee's birthday on July 21st can visit any Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong (except Causeway Bay Midtown and Hung Hom MTR Station coffee houses) to receive free tall brew coffee* (value at $25) by showing our barista the original copy of HKID card as verification. 

*Customers can upgrade their beverages by paying the price difference 
Offers are available from 10 am – 6 pm on 21 July, 2017 only

For more information, click here