The annual Boutique Boulevard is confirmed to return in this October at  Landmark! The highly anticipated and glamourous celebration also invited chart-topping US singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha and Korean superstar Rain to perform at an exclusive VIP gala event.

Theme of the Boutique Boulevard 2017 is “Alice’s World of Pop”. The celebration will take place at 4 buildings of Landmark and for it’s basically a spectacular party that  blends  the  worlds  of  pop, gourmet journeys and over 100 in-boutique experiences - LANDMARK has sourced top gourmet experiences from around the world, including rare whiskies, gins, caviars, Spanish hams and cheeses - all for your enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the exclusive VIP gala will be held on 13th October which features thrilling live entertainment from Bebe Rexha and Rain. The  gala  opening  marks a  week  of  excitingly  unique boutique  boulevard shopping  and  lifestyle experiences  for  customers  across  LANDMARK’s  4  iconic  buildings  including  LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S


From 9 to 15 October,  shoppers  spending  HK$5,000  or  above  at  LANDMARK  will  receive  a boutique boulevard invitation and he/she can invite a friend to enjoy a spectacular party that blends the   worlds   of   pop,   gourmet   journeys   and   over   100   in-boutique   experiences;   as   well   as LANDMARK e-Gift Certificates worth up to HK$20,000.

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