The internationally loved DJ Avicii came to Hong Kong for his performance along with numerous supporting acts just the beginning of June. I had the chance to go see it for myself, and have to admit was quite blown away by my first EDM performance experience.



Organized by KITEC, the venue was decorated with a DJ set up photo booth, organized beverage stands, a water back drop centre stage, and a huge main stage for the performers that night.

I took advantage of the photo booth and enjoyed the dance performances a lot, with dancers running around in light lit costumes glowing between crowds.

Chilling just around the centre stage with some friends, I quickly got into my dancing action when singer/ musician Escoe got on stage, accompanied by DJ Marley Waters on the main stage. The Live set brought versatility to the show, and really got the crowd going on with the groove.

Participating parties such as Frankie Lam, MAKJ, Hardrock Sofa, Iron Kids all delivered mind blowing sets, with crowds increasing and hyped up into the night as the clock strikes 2am.

Undeniably, everyone came to see the main star Avicii. Opening for him were ballet and aerial dancers hanging high up in the venue; everyone was screaming and jumping, with lots of girls on guy’s shoulder trying to get a better view over the sea of people.

Once he came on, everybody obviously started to rise to their extreme excitement, with groups chanting along vocals and raising arms to sway with the beats. It was quite an experience for me, being someone very new to the whole EDM culture. I didn’t really have to think and I naturally started jumping up and down with the crowd; thus it’s very evident that the quality of music was top notch and intriguing for everyone in the venue.

The whole event was very well organized, with crowds overall very polite and people just having an amazing time. I would say not only did Avicii stole the light for the night, but every other participating musician made a huge impact on the audiences here in Hong Kong.


[Images provided by the venue]

Written by Joyce Tsang

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