7 Things To Do At The Best of British Festival

There’s so much food coming our way this autumn: Right after the annual Wine and Dine festival in October is the second edition of the Best of British cultural festival from 8-13 November, where you’ll be able to take part in a slew of food, cinema, and shopping events and performances all at Tamar Park in Admiralty—best of all, it’s free entry! Read on for what to look out for during the six day festival.

Avicii at Star Hall, KITEC June 14, 2013




The internationally loved DJ Avicii came to Hong Kong for his performance along with numerous supporting acts just the beginning of June. I had the chance to go see it for myself, and have to admit was quite blown away by my first EDM performance experience.

Terem Quartet Review

Terem Quartet 
St Petersburg Cultural Icon
Edinburg Festival Fringe Five-Star Show
Saturday, 2nd November     Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

The Terem Quartet was founded almost 30 years ago and has since been involved in many international festivals all over the world – it was time that the Hong Kong audience had an opportunity to see and hear them and enjoy their impeccable craftsmenship .


McDull Sentimental Little Stories


He’s on TV, he’s in cinemas, he’s on posters and goods and apparels and toys, he’s local but he’s not human. Famous, with his name stretched to audiences in France and China; he is the piglet we all know as McDull. He grew up with a lot of children from Hong Kong, enlightened teenagers with humorous stories that had a meaning, and was reflective on local life for adults and elderly by the way he has been portrayed of growing up in the Hong Kong community.