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Chinese New Year is almost coming to an end, and we’re finally able to open our red packets! (Can I get a woop woop!) But what are you going to do with all the leftover wrappings of the money? We’ve got three sure-fire ways to use them so you won’t contribute to global warming.


1) Donate/recycle them

There are currently a charity drive going on where used red packets are collected, cleaned and distributed again to be reused. Greeners Action have partnered up with Bank of China, Sasa, malls, Jockey Club, Shell, Lush Cosmetics and more to create over 500 collection points, so you won’t have any excuses. P.S. Try to avoid donating red packets with adhesives and/or are too wrinkled or have been written on.

Full list of collection points (in Chinese) here.

2) Turn them into handmade jewelry

As demonstrated amazingly by Draw-2 (an art & language studio for the little ones), red packets can also be re-used and turned into handmade jewelry for adults and children. All you have to do is source some materials like chains and earring hooks from Shum Shui Po, roll the red packet strips into a small ornament, and assemble. Painting the surface with transparent nail polish will give it a glossy (and professional) finish!

3) Save them for next year’s CNY décor

There are plenty of blogs and pins on Pinterest that gives you directions and ideas for CNY decorations using just recycled red packets. From simple projects like goldfishes, to elaborate ones like lanterns and flowers, you’ll be able to find something that’ll fit great at home next year. Check these out from Crafty-crafted.com, or these from Pinterest.

Or you know. Just sell them on Etsy.