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Getting fit seems to be the theme of 2015, and there has been a lot of new ways to experience the fitness scene in Hong Kong. One of them is Class Cruiser – a service that lets you try the myriad of gyms and fitness studios in the city for just one small monthly fee. No more 24-month contracts or being pestered by personal trainers, maybe this is the way to go? We’ve tried it out and here are the results.


Things we love about it

It’s perfect for people who are new to the city

Instead of committing yourself to the first gym you walk into, apps like Class Cruiser lets you browse around without any strings attached. You can try all sorts of workouts and decide whether you like it before signing up. Plus no awkward sales pitches, so bonus points for that!

Never a boring workout

If variety is the thing you’re looking for, then this service is exactly the thing you need. You can take your pick from almost every kind of workout under the sun: yoga, dance, martial arts, spinning, CrossFit, or even aqua fitness at Hydro 1.0 (where you work out under water for higher resistance and lower impact). We especially love Surfset Fitness, where you work out on a simulated surfboard for balance and strength. Want to just hit the gym? They’ve also got that covered.

Workout wherever you go

Because they have partnering studios and gyms all over the island, Kowloon side as well as New Territories, you’ll never have another excuse to miss a workout session. If you’re a yogi and craving for a work out for example but you’re not near your usual studio, you can take this chance to try out a new place.

Workout however much you want

This one is for the fitness junkies. For a flat fee every month, you can sign up for however many classes you want (or can take). That means if you’re feeling the itch, you can exercise every day or multiple times a day. Feeling bored of the same routine? Book a different class every day to mix it up and keep it interesting. No longer interested? You can also cancel your plan next month.

Things you need to know

You can’t stick the same studio all the time

The whole point of the app is to help you add variety to your workout routine, but it also means that you can only take up to three classes from the same studio per month. So if you’ve found the place you’d like to go to permanently and more than three times a month, you should probably consider signing up with that place instead.

Don’t forget to cancel early

If you need to cancel a class, make sure to do it early to avoid the cancellation fee! You can cancel directly with Class Cruiser, but you have to cancel 12 hours before your class (sometimes 24 hours depending on the studio) or you’ll be changed $149HKD for a late cancel. If you do a no-show, you’ll be charged $199HKD.

Remember to pack your gym bag with the right things

Different studios provide different things, so you might want to make sure if you need to bring your own toiletries, towels or just show up in your gym gear. We have showed up without a towel before and we had to make shift with our shirt! There’s also classes where you don’t even need shoes and it’ll be good to know beforehand. They sometimes say it in the class description, but if they don’t, it’s best to give the studio a call.

In conclusion...

So that’s basically the low down on Class Cruiser! After a month of trying it out, we can confidently say that we love the idea, and think that it’s a great concept for busy city dwellers like us in the ‘Kong. If you want to get fit but you’re tired of the same routines and boring gym chains, this is a great alternative with no-strings attached and plenty of fun to be had.

Class Cruiser costs $899HKD per month, register and start working out here

Written by Karen Chiang