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Think you're clued up on your Olympic trivia? Take your pick from any of the quizzes below to set your grey matter burning and see if you can pocket a prize. From free dinner to tickets, there's plenty to get you going.


1) Cut the bill on your favourite food takeaway

Know your gold medallists from your silver medals? Take the Olympic quiz at foodpanda and score a discount of up to 20% on your favourite orders if you do well. Feeling confident? See if you know your gold medallist from your bronze runners up with the Panda Games 2016. Earn a fantastic feast while you watch your favourite teams go for gold!

2) Test your wits with our mascot quiz!

Know your Sonic from your Alex Kidd? Know your Knuckles from your Tails? Give your expertise a test with our head-scratching mascot quiz from Nintendo. You'll be fizzing at the bun while you scratch for the answers to these questions. Good luck and God speed!

3) Go for Gold with the BBC Olympic Quiz

Think you're a know it all? Try the BBC Olympic Quiz if you're feeling cocky. Packed with brainbendingquestions from decades' of championships, you'll be hard pressed to get a full table right. Was RoundaRousey a UFC megastar? Or did she just mess stuff up? Find out in this difficult quiz. Try your luck on theMario Sonic Rio quiz today

4) Go for first place with the CNN Rio quiz

Think you know your Olympic trivia? The CNN trivia Olympics quiz is guaranteed to test you. Test your memory on gold place winners and bronze takers alike with this taxing quiz from CNN. Guaranteed to separate the men from the boys, this quiz leaves your usual Olympic contests in the shade. Test your grey matter with this taxing CNN trivia Olympics quiz.

5) A quiz for Olympic experts

If you've been a spectator for a while, you'll do well on this quiz. Test your knowledge with this grade-ABuzzfeed Mascot quiz, with questions that'll really strain the brain. Feeling lucky? Try your luck and see if you can pocket the prize.

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