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California Fitness has launched an ultimate program that burns fat faster, and keeps it burning longer, with its new H30 Series. 30 minutes of High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) that works you out and keeps you coming back for more, with different fitness elements in each of the three programs. Spend less time and get more results with the new H30 Series!

H30 Series has 3 programs of: PH30 Purmotion™, featuring Purmotion™ that combines weight-lifting and Eastern martial arts; BH30 Kickboxing, featuring Kickboxing, a classic intense cardio that fits perfectly with HIIT; and DH30 Dynamax Ball, featuring Dynamax medicine ball, which effectively improves coordination of motion and of the mind.

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You'll be led by trainers who worked with the founder of Purmotion™ and the lead educator of Dynamax Medicine Ball. Each H30 session consists of 15 minutes warm up/ cool down and 30 minutes of HIIT, so you can get in and out within your one-hour lunch break. What’s more is that you will get an after-burn that lasts up to 24 hours after the work out, thanks to H30 activating EPOC - Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Each class is kept small so you get personal attention and our trainers will tailor the classes to match your needs. You can also choose freely any of the 3 sessions you want to attend: just one or all three. Passes come in groups of 5, 10, 15 or 20 classes, valid for all sessions of the H30 Series. And non-members are welcome too!

H30 series price list:

HK$1,500 for 5 sessions
HK$2,500 for 10 sessions
HK4,000 for 20 sessions

Class duration: 15 minutes warmup and cool down and 30 minutes of HIIT
Class size: small group training, 8-10 person each class
Non-members are also welcome

PH30 Purmotion™

DH30 Dynamax Ball:

BH30 KickBoxing