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Health & Fitness

Since HYPOXI’s® launch in 1998 it has been subject to significant media attention and reviews that explore the issues of cellulite, weight loss, skin toning and spot reduction.

Having met the demands of both men and women, there are now more than 2500 HYPOXI® Studios around the globe. HYPOXI® Hong Kong was the first in Asia and has now been established for 6 years.

It is well known that weight loss and muscle building do not necessarily improve the texture of your skin, or reduce the stubborn fat stores we have around the stomach, buttocks and thighs. In order to shape your figure and smooth your skin texture, the problematic areas of the body need to be targeted and this is not always easily done so through regular sports.

This is exactly how HYPOXI® Training works:
There are different HYPOXI® equipment to cater for people of different needs- some may want to reduce inches around their waistlines, others may be aiming towards toning the thighs.

During each HYPOXI® Training session one would spend 30 minutes either cycling or on the treadmill, each device comes along with innovative vacuum and compression technology, boosted to stimulate the circulation directly to the fat stores, activating the body’s natural metabolism to burn specific areas at a quicker pace.

If cellulite is your worry, then HYPOXI® has got you covered: during the Dermology treatment the individual wears an airtight body suit, which contains a network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock, thigh and knees. Circulation is stimulated throughout these areas through the application of high and low pressure. With more blood reaching the dermal tissue, there is an increase in cell activity and regeneration, including quicker disposal of lymph fluid and accumulated toxins, hence creating firmer skin and improved skin texture.

HYPOXI® Training has been scientifically proven to be three times more effective than conventional sports for targeted fat loss. In fact, the average user can see first results in as little as two weeks. Each program is tailor-made to suit individual needs and to meet personal goals. When using the HYPOXI-Method®, goals can be reached quickly and with long-term sustainability.

Apart from the aesthetics of body shaping, the ultimate goal of HYPOXI® is to encourage customers to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a well balanced diet. HYPOXI® Training is designed in such a way that you may still be able to enjoy the odd piece of chocolate and a glass of wine, guilt-free!

HYPOXI® is simply the smarter way to achieve your desired healthy body shape!


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