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Colorful but functional to match the season, H&M published their new sportswear line via their online store, consisting of over 30 pieces of apparels which includes tops to shorts to pants to water bottles. Turquoise and purple reoccurs throughout the collection, contrasting different components within a single item for the wearer to stand sharp within the crowd.  Simplistic but unique, no two items look similar to each other, each having a different appearance with the variations of colors on the pocket seams or waist straps.


With a lot of brands campaigning for a healthier lifestyle, lots of female customers have adapted a habit in running. H&M sees the need and has released their very own sport belt bag to eliminate the problem of not knowing where to put your essentials during your daily run.  Browse their online store and stay sharp and clean with H&M’s new sportswear collection during your exercise sessions.


Find out more at: http://about.hm.com/AboutSection/en/ImageGallery/fashion.html


Written by Joyce Tsang

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