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Autumn is here now and there's no better way to spend this short but perfect weather in the great outdoors. So whether you're into actually camping in parks or glamping in caravans and bubble hotels, it's time to get out there! Escape the city for an adventure and enjoy some good vibes with mother nature. Lace up your camping boots and read on!



Glamping sites

Caravans Hong Kong

Seriously, who knew there were caravans for hire in Hong Kong? No longer just an urban legend only lived in the UK or US, you too can now have a weekend hanging out at a caravan park, grill your own lunch and enjoy some glamping with the family. They have three sizes of caravans that can fit from a couple to up to six people with everything from power sockets to beddings provided. All you need to pack is ingredients for your meal, clothes, towels and toiletries!

How much: $1200HKD to $2000HKD per night, depending on dates and availability

Facilities: Each caravan is equipped with television with HD channels, air conditioner, kitchen, bathroom with heated water, beds and sofas. Food, towels or toiletries not included.

How to get there: Get to Tung Chung MTR. Take NLB #11 to Tung Fuk beach village. Return from Mui Wo via ferry or to Tung Chung via bus. Ferries and buses run to about 23:00 every day

Tong Fuk Village, Lantau Island
(852) 6296 8220 

Palm Beach Teepee Village

Did you know that there's a Teepee Village in Hong Kong?! Well now you do. Enjoy some time outdoors native American style. All of their tents are hand-painted and can fit up to 30 people! Situated right by the beach, Palm Beach makes a perfect seaside retreat where you can wake up to the waves and surf them before hitting the tables for lunch. You can also opt for the Safari Bush Campers with double-air beds and air coolers, where you can sit back and glamp in comfort and style.

Facilities: different sized teepee tents for up to 16 people's accomodations; safari bush campers for up to 6 people's accomodations; water sports, hiking tours and other group activities packages available.

How to get there: You can drive or take either the MTR Tung Chung line or any “E” line buses to Tung Chung, then take on the New Lantau Bus No. 11, 23 or A35 at the Tung Chung Bus Terminus (next to the MTR station) for about 20 to 23 minutes. Get off at Butterfly Crest bus stop at Cheung Sha.

Palm Beach, Cheung  Sha, Lantau Island
(852) 2980 4822 

Mingle Farm

Imagine lying down on a inflatable bed and overlooking a sky full of stars – nope, this is not a dream. With funky inflatable Aecospheres brought by Mingle Farm, complete with air conditioning and blow-up mattresses, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for atmosphere or romance. If you want something more conventional, they also have caravans, or even holiday homes or blown-up castles and spaceships for your glamping trips.

Facilities: different sized bubble rooms (with various privacy level or white shelter) that fits up to 6 people with complimentary toiletries and beddings; public shower and toilet area.

How to get there: Take LRT No. 705 from Tin Shui Wai Station and take off at Ginza Stop, or by foot from Tin Shui Wai Station, or by taxi that’ll cost around $24HKD.

Tin Tze Road, 30 Fung Ka Wei, Tin Shui Wai
(852) 2891 8263 

Public campsites

Chung Pui Campsite

Facilities: Barbeque pits, benches and tables, drains, clotheslines, children playground, pavilions and flushing toilets with sinks.

How to get there: Take Minibus 20R from Tai Po Market MTR Station or Bus 275R from Tai Po Market MTR Station on Sundays and statutory holidays and get off at Chung Pui Barbecue Site. Or get on Bus 75K from Tai Po Market MTR Station and drop off at Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus. Then walk towards Bride’s Pool Road towards Chung Pui Barbeque Site for about 30 minutes.

Chung Pui, Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Sam A Chung Campsite

Facilities: Barbeque pits, benches and tables, drains, clotheslines and dry toilet pits.

How to get there: Take Minbus 20R from Tai Po Market MTR Station to Wu Kau Tang or Bus 75K to Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus or Bus 275R on Sundays and statutory holidays to Bride's Pool Bus Terminal. Walk along the Bride's Pool Road towards Wu Kau Tang. Then ahead towards Sam A Tsuen along the Wu Kau Tang country trail. The walk takes about an hour.

Plover Cove Country Park

Wan Tsai South Campsite

Facilities: Pavilions, barbeque pits, benches, tables, large-scale bathing and toilet facilities.

How to get there: From Sai Kung Bus Terminal take Bus 94 or Bus 96R at Diamond Hill MTR Bus Terminal on Saturday, Sundays and statutory holidays. Get off at the Wong Shek Terminus. Then hop onto the Wan Tsai-bound ferry at Wong Shek Pier.

Wan Tsai Peninsula South, Sai Kung West Country Park (Wan Tsai Extension)

Tree Tent Camping

When planning an overnight trek into the wilderness, shelter is one of the most important things you should consider. The type of shelter that you choose should be based on multiple factors, including the environment, the weather, the ground, and most importantly – the biosphere around you. One of the best ways to have a fun time in the wilderness is by doing tree tent camping. This is exactly why we have made a list of the best hanging tents on the market.
How to get them: If you prefer tent camping, here is one great guide on how to choose a tree tent - https://www.globosurfer.com/best-tree-tents/