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Just like the previous and still carrying on trend of owning yourself a SLR camera; biking has come into the spotlight for young sport addicts and hip trend followers. It is the weekend activity that youngsters gather to do, to get out of the city and restore themselves in the limited areas of local nature. Yet, once summer hits and it gets hot; biking is no longer just an easy one off activity but something that you have to prepare for in order for it to work out under the blazing sun.



The line “Evil eye” by Adidas continues to expand itself with the increasing demand for functional and aesthetically pleasing sunglasses. With the new funky colors of pink and lime green featured, the halfrim model is enhanced for stylish cyclists. To ensure its quality and comfort level, elements such as adjustable nose bridges and LST™ filters are used to make best the wearer’s vision. The frames are also optician friendly when it comes to replacing it with optical correction lens.

Available in May, visit their website for more details.

Price: HK$2,850
Eternal Optical & Perfumery (Far East) Ltd

Tel: 2796 2668


Written by Joyce Tsang

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