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There’s No Turning Back! Reach your True Potential with 2XU’s Recovery Compression Range


Treadmills can be a pain. More so, is the post-exercise agony that hits the morning after, rendering our legs sore and our feet numb at the worst hours of a workday. Thankfully it’s a problem that’ll persist no longer, that is, if you welcome 2XU’s newest innovation to date. Meet 2XU’s Recovery Compression Range, easily your most reliable ally. Wave goodbye to untimely muscle cramps and excessive swelling, and say hello to a new level of muscle durability that you’ve never experienced before. Monthly Giveaway: An 80-minute Facial at Sense of Touch!

Before all the madness of the holiday season, you deserve to unwind! What better way than to indulge in a relaxing spa treatment at Sense of Touch? Hong Kong's award-winning spa is offering readers exactly that, and up for grabs this month is a gift voucher for an 80-minute Signature Fresh Collagen Infusion Facial by Sense of Touch Laboratories, worth $1,180HKD.

REVIEW: Find Efficient Relief at New Central Massage Parlour The Right Spot

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But finding the right masseur: one who can read all your body’s aches and ailments and make them vanish with just the right pressure and moves, that’s hard to come by anywhere, and places in Hong Kong mostly fall into the two extremes: hole-in-the-wall massage parlours and high end spas. What about something in the middle? This new space in Central just might put the Goldilocks search to an end.

These Photos of Hong Kong's Rio Olympics Swimmers Are #BodyGoals

Whether if you kill laps every day at your local pool, rely on a floatie every time you go on a junk, or don't even touch the water at the beach: You can tip your hat to Hong Kong's professional swim team, who recently represented the SAR at the Rio Olympics. Looking ahead to the annual New World Harbour Race on 16th October 2016, the cross-harbour race organisers are showing some love to the team with an amazing photo campaign shot by star photographer Rex Tsui.

REVIEW: The Elephant, Lee Tung Avenue's Newest Hair Salon

Living in a busy and air-polluted city such as Hong Kong, booking monthly facials at your favorite spa for a skin detox might already be common practice. But can you say you do the same for your hair? Regular deep cleansing can heal your deepest hair woes: unclogging pores blocked by grease, dirt and other impurities, and repairing hair follicles for greater shine and less frizz. And in Hong Kong’s humidity? Man do we know about frizz. We headed to Lee Tung Avenue’s recently opened hair salon, The Elephant, to find out how its signature scalp treatments can help us clear out the guck from everyday city-living, and achieve naturally healthy, glossy locks.

How to Float On Better Than Okay

Hong Kong is notoriously fast-paced compared to other major cities, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to take a step back and relax. If your normal yoga and spa routines have left you uninspired, you might want to take a dip at a floating therapy session. We recently did a trial session at Float On HK, one of the first float centers in the city, opening its doors just last year. Aiming for ultimate muscle and mind relaxation, the experience takes place in warm, body-temperature tubs filled with 500kg of epsom salt and magnesium, where you’ll float effortlessly, almost like being in a zero gravity environment. In the words of Modest Mouse, “we’ll all float on okay,” but one visit isn’t going to cut it, if your aim is to shut out the regular buzzing stresses from living in the Big Lychee. Read on for our tips for how to make the most out of your float:

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