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I heard a lot of good things about YUM CHA (meaning drinking tea in Cantonese), the modern restaurants for dim sum and tea and as a dim sum lover myself, I was thrilled to try the restaurant at their new branch in Causeway Bay this Wednesday and boy, it’s a feast!

Conveniently located just opposite of Times Square, the restaurants is on second floor of Emperor Watch & Jewellery Centre, 8 Russell Street. Fellow editors and I were seated at the table which faces the ceiling-to-floor glass.

Theme of the meal is Hong Kong’s Bygone Typhoon Shelter Food Culture which is also an exclusive menu for the new branch. Typhoon shelters are shelters for fishing boats during typhoons and it is often to be found in Hong Kong before 1990s and acted as a nightlife hub from the early 1960s to mid of the 1990s where Hongkongers can enjoy spicy and affordable fresh-caught seafood while listening fishing folk songs.

We started with YUM CHA’s quirky dim sums such as moustached Peanut Papa Bun (HK$49 – 3 pcs) which is a modern twist of traditional egg custard buns and the too-pretty-to-be-eaten Mixed Veggie Jelly (HK$59 – 3 pcs), Porcini & Black Truffle Dumplings (HK$49 – 3 pcs)…etc.


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The highlight of the meal is definitely the retro Deep-fried Duck Blood Curd (HK$99), it may sound terrifying by the name but it’s so addictive with salty and crispy deep fried batter and soft jelly-like blood curd inside; I also really like the Steamed Eggs with Clams in Typhoon Shelter Style (HK$129), it’s traditionally a very light dish to pair with white rice that I grew up with but adding the clams is such a game-changer; Fisherman’s Crab Congee (Market Price) is served in traditional style with fried dough sticks, topped with chopped green onions, rutabaga and deep-fried peanuts but I only wish they are a bit more easy on salt; When they serve the seafood platter, our jaws dropped - It’s enormous  bamboo tray filled with mantis shrimps, razor clams, abalones, scallops…etc. covered with dried garlic and chilli. I was very full at the time but I tried a razor clam and I have to say it’s very fresh and the spice doesn’t overwhelm the seafood.

YUM CHA did a great job of presenting an important part of Hong Kong food history and brings back memories of good old days to all of us.

YUM CHA – Causeway Bay : 2/F, Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ctr., 8 Russell Street, Causeway Bay. Tel no:(852) 2323 1288