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It was a delightful afternoon and wcity.com has been invited to the media luncheon with Uber Eats.

It was held at Cheung Kung Koon. Uber Eats team greeted us with a cup of jasmine tea and introduced us to a Chinese Astrologer Master Poon (Kelvin Poon), presenting first-ever Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food.

So, what is Feng Shui of Food?

Feng Shui of Food reveals the fortune of all 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2020, and Master Poon has made a collection on what type of food could boost your fortune in health, relationship, career and wealth in the coming year. Exclusively for Uber Eats user, you can now order your food based on your Chinese Zodiac signs with delicious meals brought straight up to your doorway with good luck.

For the media luncheon, Master Poon openly shares his experience in Feng Shui and explain what Feng Shui is really about. He said, “Feng Shui is not about superstitious but focuses on the energy around you, what would affect you and how the energy flows, so it enables Chinese Metaphysics knowledge to apply to daily life and tools of business decision-making.”

Below are the traditional Cantonese cuisine that has been served by Cheung Kung Koon, looks how delicious and fresh they are.

More information about your Chinese Zodiac of this coming year? Let’s have a read below (credit by Master Poon

• 2020 is the Year of the Rat, those born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 will face Fan Tan Sui - you’ll experience higher energy levels and will actively ponder over different issues. But, it can also mean that you can channel this extra energy towards your work, which may land remarkable results and progress both in career and wealth. Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food is here to help! For Rats who are pumped with energy in 2020, eating hot and spicy food will over excite yourself even more, so that’s something to avoid. Instead, Master Poon recommends a cleaner and lighter diet, and a bowl of soup a day can never go wrong. Try double-boiled soup from Souper Authentic and Coconut Soup - it’ll help calm the soul.

•   Year of the Snake: You lack positive energy this year, so it’s best to lay back, be cautious and strive for stability. Greens will help the Snake stay away from getting sick, and can also help boost wealth. ChorLand Cook food Stall’s Water Spinach and Chili Bean Paste in Claypot can help bring in good fortune!

•   Year of the Horse: You will face Chong Tai Sui in 2020, which means you will offend this year’s zodiac sign in-charge. What happens? You will face a lot of uncertainties and changes, including your daily life, career and family. Enjoy all things beef in 2020 may help stabilize both your relationships and career. Braised Beef with Noodles from Jiu Fen Full is not only a safe choice, but a filling one!

•   Year of the Monkey: Although you will be clouded with negative energy in 2020, you can always surround yourself with friends and families with positive vibes. Spend more time with those born in the Year of the Rat and Dragon to receive good fortune, and when you’re at it, might as well enjoy something homely such as pizza Chubby’s Pizza!

•   Year of the Dragon: Career and wealth is looking great for you this year! To eat your way through a blessed 2020, indulge in Japanese cuisine can attract support from benefactors - the Roasted Eel Don Set from Haruka Japanese Restaurant is a good choice! The more you eat, the luckier you get!

•  Year of the Goat: You will be showered with blessings from “Dragon Virtue”, "Emperor Star” and "Jade Hall" in 2020, so this is the year where you should really go after your dreams! Eating red-coloured food can bring in more fortune, and if you’re into Korean food, In Sa Dong Korean Restaurant’s Stir-fried Spicy Rice Cake is a must-try.

•   Year of the Rooster: 2020 is looking lovey-dovey! You are full of peach blossom luck in the upcoming year - you will encounter both lucky and unlucky affairs. You might be out and about managing a busy social life, so something nutritious and nourishing, such as Hon Dim’s Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, is essential to keep you healthy.

•    Year of the Ox: With powerful benefactors “Sun Nobleman” and “Duke Combo”, the Ox will be offered better opportunities but only if you have good taste in food. Enjoy exquisite dishes with seafood and truffle, such as Rosa Bridge’s Shrimp Scallops Spaghetti with Black Truffle Cream Sauce, will convince your benefactors that you are worth it.

•    Year of the Rabbit: You will build great relationships next year with the help of "Red Matchmaker" and "Moon”. But your 2020 is looking slightly stressful, and can easily get dragged down by emotions. A light meal with lots of vegetables can help balance your mind and soul. Heartful Veggie offers a wide array of vegetarian choices, so you can still enjoy great and delicious food!

•   Year of the Tiger: You will be affected by a travel star “Sky Horse” in the coming year, which means you will be travelling quite a bit this year. The upside is, the more you travel the more it’ll bring boost your career. Yet at the same time, because of all the travelling, you’re also affected by a “Solitary” star, which means you might feel a little lonelier than usual. Don’t worry, a Hong Kong-style clay pot rice from Cheung Hei is the perfect comfort food that can warm the soul and ease your loneliness.

•   Year of the Dog: Thanks to the presence of the “Relief” star, you are entrusted with the responsibility of tackling both your own and your friend’s troubles next year. You will be building a great reputation for yourself, but this won’t lead to wealth. To improve your Feng Shui in wealth, opt for hot and warm drinks from a broad selection of hot drinks from Bubble Lee.

•   Year of the Pig: You are well taken care of by the “Intelligence” star in 2020 - this is especially promising if you’re keen on learning something new. If you’re meeting new friends from class, gathering together for traditional dim sum is great for icebreaking. Sharing knowledge over a Siu Mai or two from Dim Sum Heritage might just land you an A in class with your new best friend!

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