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If you have been to Thailand, you must be familiar with “Tuk Tuk” (auto rickshaw) which is one of the main form of transportation there but don’t be surprised if you find Tuk Tuk in Hong Kong recently because it’s a new menu at  Ayuthaiya. The new menu taking inspiration from Thai street food as well as gourmet Thai dishes from different regions including of salads and mains, available until end of November.

Yum Tua Pao (HK$118)

I went for tasting last week and the dishes are beyond my expectation! One of my favourites is Yum Tua Pao (HK$118), a spicy salad from central Thailand and made with fresh wing beans (which are crunchy and fragrant), king prawns and chicken in coconut milk, roasted chilli and peanut sauce. Another personal favourite is Pla Pao (HK$178), a salt baked market fresh tilapia; served whole with a spicy Thai sauce and tamarind dressing inspired by traditional Northern cuisine. Last but not least, Pla Muk Yang (HK$168) is a Kanchanburi influenced dish crafted with marinated squid, the dish is wrapped in a banana leaf to encase the aromas and flavours of basil and tamarind.

Pla Pao (HK$178)

Their “Tuk Tuk” really impressed me - first of all, each dish is very unique and can rarely to be found in Hong Kong. Secondly, they all are so satisfying but light and healthy at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to eat light before the holiday season, right? And most importantly, they’re so tasty! It’s a “two thumbs up” from me.

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