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You can’t rely on just one app for restaurant recommendations here in Hong Kong, and you definitely deserve more than their "Top 3" restos... Trust us.  We know how you like to read about honest reviews, genuine comments, and appealing photos (#foodporn). That's why we rounded up our fave Hong Kong foodies on Instagram FYI! We love these foodies and we’re sure you will too, so read on!

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Not only will you enjoy looking at one of the blogger’s pretty nail art, but you can also get to read more than one voice in oneaccount.  @cray4food is managed by 5 Hong Kong foodies and they claim to give honest reviews – living up to their words as they tend to give both positive and negative comments (fair enough).  They do reviews on mostly small bites and desserts – we see a lot of ice-cream, waffles, and donuts (nom!).



Roseee just recently went to Japan and we saw loads of reviews on her news feed about all the tasty Japanese food she had during her vacay. From ramen and sushi, to limited Haagen-Daz ince-cream (only in Japan), octopus balls and mouth-watering skewers – y’all Japanese food lovers will certainly love her. Her photos also have their own aesthetics, which makes her stand out from the usual over-saturated close-ups.


This lady over here has a thing with green tea, seafood, and again, ice-cream (who doesn’t like ice-cream?).  What’s so special about her is that she includes the price of the dish on the post – how considerate and real is that!  Scroll down a bit more and check out her reviews on food from outside of Hong Kong!


Christy does not only seek food everywhere, her passion in food also leads her to cook a lot (she makes herself healthy breakfast everyday!).  You will find her writing about almost everything – from street food, hipster cafes, Japanese ramen, durian desserts, hotel buffets to French fine dining.  Check out her account and tell her we sent you!


Not sure if it’s a he or she – but this Littlefoothunter does not follow the crowd. The restaurants he / she goes to is always a surprise.  Have you ever got sick from reading too much of the same restaurant at the same time? We feel you. Follow the footsteps of this little foot because you will surely love how anti-mainstream he / she is!


If you have a sweet tooth and you are constantly looking for new places for dessert, Moanna is your girl.  She gives bilingual description on some of her posts and she sticks with what she does best – desserts.  You will find her looking for different places for ice-creams, donuts, cakes, crème brulee, and pancakes.  Her feed will cheer you up with all the positive energy!


Phoenix is totally taking food blogging to the next level here in Hong Kong.  Her photos are not only about the food, but we also get certain kind of mood beyond each of them.  Hers news feed is clean, clear, and emotional – with food reviews occasionally which are down-to-earth and also straight forward. This minimalistic lady has a thing with local fast food restaurants – go and see what she thinks about Pololi, Kale, and Little Bao!


This foodie over here who loves eating and cooking writes relatively long reviews (in both Chinese and English) on Instagram. Shell is also into the greens – check out his / her meal prep and reviews on salads and you might find some inspirations! You won't find any photos of flowers or chairs because this one gets straight to the point - and it's all about them #foodporn.


Jeff knows where to put his talents– he’s not only a foodie but he’s also into “phonetograph” (that’s how he puts it).  Apart from the food, you will also be amazed by his interior shots of the restaurants.  We love how unique and consistent his photos are – he makes every dish appear to be 100 times more yum!  Go and see how he does his magic.


Scrolling down this lady’s news feed on Instagram, we can’t help but realize there’s loads of pictures of food (desserts, to be more accurate) in green and we are not even surprised – green tea ice-cream, green tea cake, matcha log cake, matcha brownie, matcha and chocolate pot…the list is endless.  So, green tea / matcha fans, you know who to follow now.

In this city it's always the camera that eats first, as the local says. But not many does it like they do! So next time you're looking for a new place to dine or just honest and real reviews of the place, don't forget to check out their feed. And of course, we have to be cheeky and give our own account a plug too - follow us for the latest happenings round town, including new restos, new stores and MORE!

P.S. we have another tip for ya: make sure you check out other photos on the same geotag of a restaurant, so you can cross-check how other foodies feel about the food and services there! You're welcome.

Written by Kelsy Li