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Interested in a glass of world-class cocktail? Internationally renowned mixologist Luca Cinalli will be presenting his innovative cocktails at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge from July 14 - 17.   
Known for his complex and innovative cocktails which shaped two of the most renowned bars in London, Nightjar and Oriole (Top 50 best bars in the world 2016), Luca Cinalli will showcase his curated menu using an inventive blend of daring and audacious ingredients. Guests could enjoy a series of eclectic cocktails that take inspiration from Oriole Bar, bringing the best of that diversity and created drinks that speak of adventure and wonder, an endless voyage of discovery. 



Nanjing Cooler:  Whisky, Homemade Aloe Vera Wine, Clarified Watermelon Juice , Homemade Osmanthus Syrup, fresh Lemon


Lambanog Mule:  Gin, Homemade Coconut Wine, Slow Cooked Chai Palm, Curried pineapple juice, fresh Lemon, Gingerbeer, Curried Banana Syrup


Pendennis:  Bourbon, Chokeberry, Amaro, salted Prekese Syrup


Blackrock Martini:  Gin, Green Juniper, Single Malt Whisky, Peated Dry Vermouth


Oaxaca:  Mezcal – Herbal Liquor – Nopal Purée, Pumpkin Seed Tahini, Dulce de Batata Foam 

An exclusive cocktail master class with Luca Cinalli will only take place on July 15, Saturday at 3pm, which is sure to take guests on an extraordinary journey and learn the tips and tricks of the cocktails trade. 

For more information and reservation, please call +853 8886 6712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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