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The Best of Nature

We've all been there. For many consumers, it's second nature to choose things labelled natural, organic, or preservatives-free. Instinctively we feel that natural products are safer, better. Better to put on our faces, better to put in our mouths.

The Best of Nature

CLARINS-- France's most beloved skincare brand-- and boutique hotel Hullett House know our fears. Thus the two giants have come together, putting forth an afternoon tea to present to us what many of us crave: the best of nature.

Skin products are great. But what's better, is that Hullett House is presenting a collection of the best foods to nourish your skin. The assortment of oat, bitter orange tree, mango, organic marsh samphire, and hazelnut are beyond refreshing. They're healing. Hullett House and CLARINS make it clear that the polyoses from oat seed are exceptional at skin tightening, and mango oil adds relief. Hazelnut oil softens your lips, and bitter orange helps protect your skin.

The Best of Nature

This exquisite gourmet selection includes individualized canapés and desserts. It also features Hullett House's tasty Quiche Lorraine, Mushroom Tart, Rose and Litchi Jelly Crème Brûlée, Hazelnut Mousse Cake, and Orange Financier.

The treat doesn't end just yet. Besides the tea set itself, CLARINS is sponsoring premium gifts while stocks last. The Best of Nature Afternoon Tea is available until February 10, 2017. Join in the fun now to give your body a much-needed rest and repair session!

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Written by Vivien Au

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