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Name taken from a French expression meaning something that touches the heart; the new A la folie patisserie aims to deliver that saying through the means of cakes and pastries, fulfilling customers with sweetness and delights they offer in store.



Decorated in shades of gold, with rolling pins used as décor on the ceiling; this Broadway 1950’s themed store in located inside Moko Mall, cozy and perfect as your weekend hang out spot. Offering quality Italian coffee as well as cakes; Pastry Chef Kato Tomohiko from Roppongi is sure to please your sweet tooth upon every visit. A master in pastry making; Tomohiko is an executive Patissier at Park Hyatt, Roppongi Club and Roppongi Grand Hyatt Hotel in Japan prior coming to Hong Kong. With elegant designs, fine ingredients and unforgettably pleasant colors and flavors delivered from his delicately sugar crafted cakes; his signature cake a la folie wrapped with gold sugar ribbon is a must try at the store.

Other highlights includes the La Sonata, a soft mousse white chocolate cake with mixed berries, the Le Matcha, a classic green tea and chocolate dessert, the Reverie, a creamy chestnut and rum, chocolate, hazelnut sponge cake Mont Blanc as well as the A Capella, a chocolate ganache.

Their homemade bread is also a very unique recipe, with flavors such as Foie Gras and Apple Danish; Squid Ink and Cheese Roll; Walnut with Okinawa Black Sugar; and Ham Roll with Sakura Shrimp to choose from.

A la Folie Pattiserie

Shop 247, 2/F, MOKO 193 Prince Edward Rd. West, Mong Kok
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Written by Joyce Tsang