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It’s hard for me to find a European restaurant in Hong Kong that I will want come back from time to time but Casa Lisboa is something different. The contemporary Portuguese restaurant invited us to be there when they moved to Wyndham Street and we went to try their new menu for spring last week and once again it blew my mind.


The 8 new dishes includes:
Kenyan beans & green asparagus tempura ($80)
Octopus rice with spring onion, green asparagus & octopus tempura ($280)
Atlantic swordfish tartar ($158)
Oxtail pie with whipped meat sauce ($195)
Roasted peach with Moscatel & yogurt chantilly ($85)
Oven baked sea bream Assada ($420)
Lamb chops a mods da Quinta grilled lamb ($290)
Flap Steak Preguinho served mustard and Portuguese preguinho sauce ($298)


One of my favourite has to be Atlantic swordfish tartar, avocado purée, corn shell & lime zest ($158). Call me a typical millennial but avocados make everything taste better and the seasoning is so on point that it brings out the freshness of swordfish but not overwhelms it.

Besides, if you love seafood and carbs like I do, you will adore the Octopus rice with spring onion, green asparagus & octopus tempura ($280) too. It looks like risotto but the rice is actually cooked with a broth made with octopus and chorizo and is served with sautéd bell pepper, onion and octopus slices.

Oven baked sea bream Assada ($420) is another dish that really impress me. First of all, it’s large so it takes at least 3-4 people to finish it but it has the “family meal vibe” that make it so authentic and comforting, I almost wanted to order a bowl of white rice to go with it (you know what I mean if you grew up in an Asian household). The sea bream is well sautéed with tomato, onion, white wine, leek, bell peppers and garlic for aroma, and the texture is so tender. The best part is that they save the slightly crispy fish skin for you to share later too.

Roasted peach with Moscatel & yogurt chantilly ($85, as the hero image) is such a wrap for the meal. I usually don’t like cooked fruit and the peaches are lightly roasted to perfection so you still taste the natural flavour of the peaches and pink peppers that were sprinkled on top bring the dessert to the next level – the sweetness and spiciness are aromatic and addictive.
Even though they restaurant is so conveniently located and serves such high-quality Portuguese cuisine, I think the price is surprisingly reasonable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves European cuisine and home-like food.

Address: 2/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central Hong Kong, Central, Hong Kong
For more information or to make a reservation here.