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Yes, you heard it right, Pret is planning to serve burgers from 7th October 2020 (tomorrow).

But don't get too crazy excited just yet, as the first two options look tasty and great, but are not your typical / traditional patty beef style burger. Maybe they will introduce this at a later stage to see the interest first. I am one of those interested and will give it a try this week.

They are an Italian pork meatball burger (they have meatballs already in their hot wrap) and a Mexican chicken burger.

Italian Meatball & Tomato Burger* at HK$49
Ingredients: Pork meatballs, British cheddar, tomatoes, caramelised onion, mayo and red pepper tapenade.

Mexican Chicken Burger* at HK$49
Ingredients: Chicken breast, British cheddar, sweetcorn, pickled onion, coriander, mayo and chipotle sauce.

They have also launched a whole host of other menu items which is great as I personally have exhausted their current menu at the location closest to me. Other new menu items are as follows:

Pastrami & Pickle Focaccia* at HK$53
Halloumi Pesto & Roasted Tomato Focaccia* HK$53 (Vegetarian)

Smoky Pepper & Sriracha*, $39 (Vegan)
Pret's Chicken Katsu Curry* at HK$39
Chilli Beef Mac & Cheese* at HK$41
Asian Chicken Noodle* at HK$39
Curried Lentil & Root Vegetable* at HK$37 (Vegetarian)
Thai Red Vegetable* at HK$39 (Vegan)

Rice Pots
Creamy Chicken & Corn Rice Pot at HK$59 (Autumn range*) / HK$69 (Pret At Home)
Beef & Tomato Rice Pot at HK$59 (Autumn range*) / HK$69 (Pret At Home)
Korean Chicken Rice Pot at HK$65 (Autumn range*) / HK$69 (Pret At Home)

Seasonal Drinks
Frosted Mint Chocolate* at HK$36
Frosted Mint Latte* at HK$36


* Products available in selected shops only.