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Good news to all the foodies and Japanese food lover in Yuen Long! Ana Sushi launched a new branch at Yoho Mall in last month and of course I cannot resist to visit the restaurant after hearing many rave reviews about it.


My first impression of the restaurant is how spacious it is inside, it has half-open dining area with glass window on top which I find it more relaxing comparing to a lot of fine dining places which only offer dim light. For the menu, you can expect diversity of Japanese cuisine and seasonal ingredients which is a plus point for a larger group of diners too. There are few dishes that I have tried and enjoyed as below.


Ox Tongue with Bean Paste Sauce ($88) - This dish is prepared only with the cut of ox tongue with the most luscious marbling. The ox tongue is cooked with salt, black pepper and herbs for 3 hours. The ox tongue is then skinned immediately at high temperatures for best results due to the contracting nature of the ox tongue tissue once cooled.  


Matsuba Crab & Sea Urchin Rice in Stone Pot ($168) - Exclusive dish in ANA Sushi. It is served by pouring all the stuffing in a Matsuba crab carapace made with Hokkaido Bafun sea urchin, crab butter, crab meat and crab roes, into a sizzling stone pot with rice. The crab buteer is processed with Japanese cooking wine in advance to remove its fishy taste, while the rice in this dish is flavoured with mentaiko rice seasoning for taste and mixed with seaweed and sesame for texture.


Hida Beef Sushi on Shrimp Cracker ($238) - The chef has specifically chosen the tender rib eye to create the beef sushi in 3 different flavours – soy sauce, fire-grilled and Gunkanmaki with quail egg. To further characterise the sushi dish inspired by Takayama, the sushi is served on top of the shrimp cracker as a tribute to the street food culture at the markets of Takayama, where street food is served in the exact same presentation.

Even though it is newly opened, there was a queue outside of the restaurant already so I suggest you to make a reservation if you plan to dine in Ana Sushi and it is totally worth it!

For making a reservation and more details, please click here.


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